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Jonita Simmons


is a published poet and travel writer under the name of Nana Coupeau who won her first writing contest at the young age of 12. She holds a Bachelor Degree in International Politics, French Literature and Literature from Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire as well as a second Bachelor and Master in English Literature and Linguistics, Comparative Literary Studies in French, German and English, and Sociology from the University of Zurich. Her interests include music, art, architecture, fashion, photography and literature in addition to discovering exotic, unique destinations.
You can follow her poetic work on Instagram at nanacoupeaupoetry/ and keep up with her photography at luxdrifterreview/


Camila Rivas

Camila Rivas is a prospective student to the London School of Economics and Political Science to study International Relations. Born in Venezuela, she has lived in Spain and Switzerland. She is drawn towards all things social and political. She believes that she can make a difference one article at a time. She is looking for her place in the world and hopes that will be somewhere she can help others become more conscious and critical of the world we live in without forgetting to celebrate the good people do and the joyful things in it too, she is secretly an artist and dog lover. Being one of the youngest contributors, she is highly motivated and ready to share her thoughts and research on subjects that matter to her.

Brian E. Diah

Brian Diah is Graduate of Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies and Sociology. Currently serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA in Boston, Brian looks to continue studying International Development with a focus on refugees in the coming year. He is an eager traveler and loves culture and language. Although he is from Kenya, he has spent a lot of time abroad, most recently in Jordan and Nigeria. When he is not playing FIFA, or watching football, he is most likely off to some corner of the world, soaking in local scenes and sounds. The few times he steps into the kitchen are always accompanied by Afrobeats.

Elizabeth Doyen

Elizabeth Doyen is books, bikes, sports and sun.

Vanessa Esteves

Vanessa Esteves is a graduate of the University of Geneva and has had the opportunity to not just study here in Switzerland but also in Australia, Spain and South Korea. Vanessa understands at her work with OURS Magazine as a way to feed her curiosity about the world and bring interesting topics to readers.

Joseph M. Gaylord

Joseph Gaylor is a Graduate of The Graduate Institute Geneva with a Masters in International Affairs with a range of interests including health, religion, gender and technology. Joe is currently working with the ITU on a competition for young social entrepreneurs. He also has a background in theatre, social media management, religion and a black belt in Combat Hapkido. An eclectic polymath, Joe works with a range of issues and areas of expertise, he is an armchair philosopher and science enthusiast, a tech, politics and cultural pundit, a part time movie reviewer and willing to dive into issues where he has woefully little expertise.

Christine Hurst

Christine Hurst is a graduate of Stonehill College with a dual Bachelor of Arts in International Politics and Religious Studies, and is currently pursuing her Master’s of Social Work through Rutgers University. A native of the New England region of the United States, Christine is an avid writer, traveler, and general polyglot. When not out encountering and conversing with diverse, oftentimes peculiar and random people, Christine enjoys cooking, knitting, reading, learning different languages, acting, dancing, and drawing on the walls.

Bérénice Kafui Schramm

A Doctor in International Law (IHEID | Graduate Institute, Geneva) who loves to call herself a feminist legal philosopher when people really insist on knowing what her job is, Bérénice K. Schramm was always convinced that there was way more to life than just law, although the latter is one of the most perfect entry into getting an exciting although imperfect grasp on human realities. More than law then…that includes, in addition to writing for OURS, travelling, going back to the roots if something like this is ever possible, dancing, practicing yoga, reading, cooking and eating local/organic, riding her beautiful bike, and doing ethical fashion – she is currently exploring her talents in this area. As part of her job and as part of her life, she studies and preaches the feminist, queer and post-colonialist word whenever she can. All in all, she is seriously committed to live life non-seriously, hopefully acting as a connector between people, cultures, projects, ideas and as a humble catalyst for happiness, for herself and for her wide, beautiful and all-encompassing community, i.e. the world.

Jenny Ubi

Jenny holds an M.Phil in Gender and Development from the University of Hull. Her interests include; gender relations, reproductive rights, inheritance rights in Africa. Jenny currently works with BME women in Hull, where she lives with her family.

Eleni Kostopoulos

Eleni Kostopoulos is a self conscious deconstructionist of reformist mannerisms, non published surreal poetess, English literature graduate who appreciates distant sounds of dogs barking at sunsets and works as a “Cather in the Rye” that is a pedagogue. She is also a fashion writer in online and printed sources such as,, and poetically echoes the way fashion unfolds in her personal blog

Louise Hemfrey

Louise holds an MA in International Relations from the University of St Andrews, where she also wrote on current affairs for two of their student publications, while directing theatre productions and managing the finances for the St Andrews chapter of STAND. She is currently based in Geneva, completing her Master’s thesis on Identity and Trauma in Palestinian Filmmaking. A native of Scotland, she prefers a Caol Ila to a Bowmore, free food at public events, and running to Icona Pop.

Tyler Chappel

Tyler is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. He can be found on a football pitch, at the tops of mountains, swimming in the ocean, and all of that while nestled comfortably in his favorite reading chair. Il apprend le francais, but clearly he isn’t very good. For him, the future exudes the confidence and charisma the present can only ever aspire to. And yet, this moment still makes him believe. He hopes to continue developing his passion for working with and for others, and feels his current pursuit of a Masters degree in Development Studies will push him towards that mesmerizing future.

Susanna Langholm

Susanna Langholm holds a dual degree in Education & Liberal Studies from Smith College along with the zeal to explore, question, and reflect upon issues affecting everyday citizens worldwide. An avid believer in education, human rights and women’s issues, Susanna is excited to use the OURS platform to reach & converse with a range of opinions and insights into these topics, especially as she seeks to pursue a degree and career in international education policy.

Clarisse Encontre


Clarisse Encontre is Swiss born, both French and Guyaneese and lived in the UK for 10 years. She holds a Masters degree in Media/Communication and Development and enjoys writing on socio-political topics that matter. Her dream is for young people to become more interested in politics. On the side she enjoys sketching, loves techno, sea-food, card games and is very fond of the 80’s and 90’s culture. Follow her on twitter: @ClarisseJNE and instagram: @clarissenathalie