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Who We Are 
OURS Magazine is a platform of artistic and social expression for the conscious and critical citizen. Our aim is not to feed information to our readers but rather to invite them to join us in exploring and discovering various ideas, creations, people and places. We are a group of young writers, designers, and artists based in Geneva, London, and Lagos dedicated to challenging ideas and encouraging social examination, accepting cultures, sharing talent, and of course having a good time.
What We Look For
OUR Contributors
OURS Magazine aims to feature different voices that are critical in each one of our issues. We are thus always recruiting different types of writers who are critical about the issues they see around them, and those who wish to instigate change by sharing their voices. We look for writers who are experienced, who are creative, who are unconventional in their writing approaches, and those who wish to make deep rooted transformation and bring light to issues that matter. Each issue of the magazine is divided into six sections, highlighted below, and each of our issues focuses on a particular theme. Our upcoming themes for this year are #ME, Natural, Stereotypes, Practical, Thirsty, Sexuality. The website content is not based on any particular themes. Thus, we are always welcoming submissions if you are interested in having your work published on the OURS Magazine website.CREATORS An unconventional exploration of fashion, art, music and design, showcasing exceptional talent through artistic expressionCITIZEN Individuals and organisations with mindful ideas for a better worldTHINK TANK Discussing social, economic and political issues and ideasWANDERER An open-minded diary on the art of living and travel



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