Architecture is the aesthetic design of spaces, buildings, structures,…the arrangement of volumes within space.
Architecture opts to combine aesthetics with practicality …
Art with robust construction…
Aesthetics is a matter of taste and mode of expression, robustness a matter of technical knowledge and delivery.
Aural architecture is all about a wisely selected bunch of background sounds to the life of the listener.
Throw your arms around imagination and quality!


22 January 2018

New Year is here!

A few thousand seconds after the birth of 2018 and it is truly blissfull to be back in here again! The past slips by so quickly nowadays and it is even a greater task to manage and grasp the best out of what scratches your own surface as you swing and you sail through places, traffic and people in the cities of the modern times.


Keep what you got by giving it all away…



Yesterday came suddenly
Tomorrow will receive
Today now you’re at the wheel
I’ll ask how does it feel

Yesterday when Heaven’s gates
I contemplate, they seem so far,
Today they ain’t so far away
And almost see my train

Keep what ya got, by giving it all away
Keep what ya got, by giving it all away
Keep what ya got, hold it, don’t stop
Keep what ya got, by giving it all away

When your halo slips for good,
You’ll have to wear your hood
Could you feel the breeze of fear
On all the cynics, I’m ya mimick
All you losers, all abusers
Wasting all my precious energy

Keep what ya got, by giving it all away
Keep what ya got, by giving it all away
Keep what ya got, hold it, don’t stop
Keep what ya got, by giving it all away

Remember where you came from
Sisters who told ya on a rainy day
They said that Heaven holds a place
For all of those who prey
And if you don’t believe in my dream
Then you don’t care anyway
Nobody or nothings ever getting in your way

Even as you prey to the lord
But don’t feel you belong
No one’s gonna notice if you never right no wrong
And if you and your next neighbour
Yeah, you don’t quite get along
No one’s gonna notice if you’re singing anyway
Those not coming in for free will learn they gotta pay

Keep what ya got, by giving it all away
Keep what ya got, by giving it all away
Keep what ya got, hold it, don’t stop
Keep what ya got, by giving it all away…



  • Slowdive

Superb return in discography of 21 years for the (other finest) Oxford bunch (Radiohead, Supergrass, FOALS,  etc etc). Slowdive were formed in Reading, England by Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell in October 1989. The name “Slowdive” was inspired by two events: a dream Chaplin experienced, and the name of a single by Siouxsie and the Banshees.



  • Oh Sees

The ever prolific “boss” of Castle Face Records continues to make it look so easy! In a spree of sonic productivity John Dwyer and his incarnations -Orinoka Crash Suite, OCS, Orange County Sound, The Ohsees, The Oh Sees, Thee Oh Sees and Oh Sees-, never cease to amaze. The 2017 album saw the “Thee” dropped. Treat yourselves and catch them up at a live performance near you!



  • Lee Ranaldo

Sonic Youth‘s everlasting sonic force and inseparable composing and decomposing pylon is an avid and hyper-active art lover within the NYC universe, and who has been producing some remarkable solo musical work, usually under the influence of eclectic collaborations. From 2007’s “From Here to Infinity“, through to 2017’s “Electric Trim“, that has inspired our fuzzy head from first listening. The album was made in collaboration with Barcelona Musician/Producer Raul ‘Refree’ Fernandez. Further input was delivered by American author Jonathan Lethem, as well as musical contributions by Nels Cline, Sharon Van Etten, Alan Licht, Tim Luntzel, Kid Millions and Steve Shelley. A film about the making of the album, ‘HELLO HELLO HELLO : LEE RANALDO : ELECTRIC TRIM’ was directed by Fred Riedel (thanks to wikipedia for info).



  • Chelsea Wolfe

Currently touring with Ministry (!), her deeply gothic country rock deeply haunts and becomes increasingly heavier album by album, since her breakthrough masterpiece The Grime and the Glow. From her birthplace Roseville, California, and Sacramento, where she grew up, she used to make up “Casio-based gothy R&B songs”, as she baptized the experiment. Her influences include filmmaker Ingmar Bergman and photographer Nan Goldin as well as the writings of D.H. Lawrence and Ayn Rand, until she took that last one back in 2015 when she realized the background of what Ayn Rand stood for. Marcel Proust, Louis-Ferdinand Céline and Sylvia Plath enrich the list of artistic influx. In darkness we trust!

Chelsea Wolfe – Splash – Hiss Spun













  • King Krule

The wonderkid from the south side of Thames made a grand return in 2017 with a magical and inspirational album. Back in full band mode with the odour of rainfall wet tarmac and images of grey skies expertly channelled though his voice and orchestrations, Archy Marchall is back with a vengence, herbalized funkiness and infectuous atmospheric grooves to enhance our daily lives!



  • Mogwai

Currently available for sharing their live experience in the UK, the Glaswegian band that formed in 1995, are still drifting with high energy and emotional intensity. Their latest album Every Country’s Sun, a condensed fireball of well trained guitar noise and musical craftmanship, a trademark Mogwai sound, a satisfying trip and honorable addition to these guys’ endless discography. The video choice below is sprinkled with race track motor noises for that little extra. Always on the road to the peak, cuz the view is so much nicer from up there!




  • RIDE

Oxford (other) finest band came back in 2017 with a new album (Weather Diaries) in 21 years and offered a magical gift to all fans both of new and old generations! Explore and ride on!



  • Actress

Actress is Darren Jordan Cunningham, (aka DAZ), and his 2017 album made butterflies rattle in our stomach and our feet to move in strict periodic loops. An intriguing heavy filtered homage to 90ies acid techno “AZD” (pronounced “Azid”), this is a chrome conceptualized universe where urban conceptual art is orbiting around our electrified -by chopped up and beautifully arranged machine-made beats and outer space clicks- heads.



  • Future Islands

Greenville, North Carolina, United States. The birth of a band by highschool friends in 2006. As much as the simplicity and directness of their song conception is striking, so is the overflowing soul in them that has offered them such a global following. Let’s remember their iconic television performace of their awesome soul pop Seasons (Waiting On You) from 2014 and enjoy a couple of delicious sonic plates off of their latest album The Far Field.



  • Foo Fighters

The prominent fertility in quality all around american rocknroll music from this bunch is by now a certainty and coming from an unending awe on Sonic Highways, the new material is striking as ever! Long live the prophets of the american musical melting pot! An ever-generous soul cleansing aural offering by the west coast finest! A self-help tool of empowerment! A stage dive into the deep blue ocean of fearlessness!



  • Fleet Foxes

The wonderful – magnificent – beautiful – stunning bunch of  Seattle, Washington. With their first two albums by local Sub Pop and Bella Union record labels and their 2017 fine gem by Nonesuch and Bella Union, they have carved their uberharmonized mark on the musical tree bark with a silver dagger. Crack-Up, was released on June 16, 2017.



  • Tess Roby

For her, there is not too much to say. We are enchanted by the voice and so here she is in here…

Artist and Musician living in Montreal, QC
b. 1993 in Toronto, ON




  • Mazoha

This is a band from Greece. Their debut is called “The Weight Of Existence”.



  • The Bonnie Nettles

Extraordinarily promising young band off of Athens, Greece. They are a flowing river of 90ies guitar driven melodic indie that sweeps you on their riverboat trip of soulful awesomeness, bringing the sweet ringing in your ears with the sounds of the stones and the roses! Hop in!


  • Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

King Ink returned in 2017 to the land of ancient  Mt. Olympus gods, to offer the gift of flesh, blood and (holy) spirit participation to the XXXXX thousands of awed people of the sold out Tae Kwon Do Stadium in Athens, Greece. Mostly playing (easily) with demons than with gods in his evermoving hands, Nick Cave and the magnificent Bad Seeds created a magical platform on which they lifted everyone high in the crying sky. Uniquely orchestrated versions of emotion and intensity dripping chapters of the past and the present served as an exorcism so effective no one would have expected.



A closely relevant but not necessarily always exact playlist on this installation’s selections follows:







let’s have a great year…, you owe it to yourselves and the ones you love! Take care of you blood as well as your chosen family!



Yours cordially


dif-tor heh smusma