Interview: 28 Interior Design

Cansel Rizvanoglu, owner of 28 Interior Design.

Cansel Rizvanoglu, owner of 28 Interior Design.

London-based interior designer, Cansel Rizvanoglu (CD) is the owner of 28 Interior Design. At 28, among other accomplishments, she has designed the interior of a Arsenal football player’s house, and she just completed designing a bar – which we visited –  called Tarshish in North London.

28 Interior Design at Tarshish.

28 Interior Design at Tarshish.

How did you start 28 Interior Design and what do you hope to accomplish?

CD: I went to school in New York at Parsons School of Design before returning home to  Turkey where I worked in a design office for 3 years. My plan for the next design adventure in my life was to go somewhere where I felt a dynamic atmosphere in which I could draw upon inspiration. And so, that is why I moved to London and shortly after, I started 28 Interior Design.

Interior design is like a puzzle in which the designer has to put together all the pieces.

I hope that 28 Interior Design allows me to put together all the puzzle pieces while reflecting my belief that there are no set rules in design (which is the beauty of it) and that trust is key. To elaborate why trust is key, I believe design is about family. If your clients see you as family and you treat them like family, not only will you understand what they truly want, but they will trust you to deliver something that is personal and real.

How do you stay up-to-date with design?

CD: I spend a lot of time traveling because it inspires me and gives me ideas for new projects. Recently, I got back from India and the colors and patterns have allowed me to visualize my next project. Travelling, however, is just one way I stay up-to-date with design. I also stay up-to-date with design by following both global magazines (Architectural Digest) and the fashion industry.

Fashion, in my opinion, is always at least one year ahead of design and while it seems easier to change your wardrobe, it is a bit trickier to change an entire interior.

So, I find following fashion always keeps me updated as far as what patterns and trends will soon sweep the interior design field.

How do you gauge what your client wants? 

CD: Typically, I show my clients a few different styles so they can visualize the look they want the space to capture.  Once we decide on modern, classical, or contemporary – I use technology to create 3D drawings to bring it to life. In designing the bar for Tarshish, I knew the owners were not 100% sold on the dark purple paint for the walls, but I could visualize it and knew it would come together. This is a good example of me putting the puzzle pieces together! Funny enough, Pantone’s color of the year came out just the other day and it is ultra violet – so the dark purple I used worked out perfectly!

Dark purple walls of Tarshish, designed by 28 Interior Design.

Use of dark purple in Tarshish, designed by 28 Interior Design.

How would you describe your design style in just three adjectives?

CD: That is a difficult question, however, I would say: practical, harmonious, and contemporary. Practical and contemporary are more self-explanatory, but I want to take a second to talk about why I picked harmonious. I believe in the world we live in today, people seem to forget the importance of balance and one of my principles in designing an interior is to harmonize a room because that is the essence of design isn’t it? Bringing the whole interior together.

What does a day in your life look like?

CD: Typically, my day depends on the project I am working on. However, every project I work on – I always visit the site of the project and I visit it often.

I enjoy being part of every part of the process from start to finish. Being part of the process from start to finish is how I learn and grow as a designer every single day.

What is next  for 28 Interior Design?

CD: The owner of Tarshish is pleased with how the bar has turned out so I am looking forward to helping design more of his other spaces for him in the next coming months. I am also pleased to be designing a penthouse for a Manchester United player which I hope to complete in 2018. And as always, I am looking for more design projects to get involved in!

For more on Cansel’s work, follow @28interiordesign. Follow @tarshishlondon and visit 28 Interior Design’s latest design of their bar at Tarshish Mediterranean Grill, 16-20 High Road Wood Green, London N22 6BX.