Luxury costume jewelry: holy Halo!

last season’s London Fashion Week Designer showrooms featured over 120 designers globally. As I wandered around admiring the diverse designs and the latest trends, I stumbled across a gem. That gem was Halo & Co: cutting-edge luxury costume jewelry. Holy Halo!

The brand’s creators and sisters, Nicola & Stephanie Ball grew up in Yorkshire Moors, where they dreamt of creating jewelry pieces that prompted a sense of confidence and happiness to those willing to participate.

From speaking to Nicola Ball (NB):

How long have you had Halo & Co? and what is the history behind it?

NB: Halo & Co is a family run company. Stephanie and myself started down the creative path as very young children when we would spend hours watching our seamstress grandmother creating the most amazing clothes with her bare hands. Playing with fabrics and button boxes in our early years was actually honing our design skills. I went on to study at FIT, The Fashion institute of Technology in New York and Stephanie trained in Birmingham as a jeweler. It was from there we both knew we wanted to take both of our different skill-sets and merge them together to create a jewelry brand that focused on high fashion trends. Halo & Co was created.

What would you say has been the most exciting moment and the most difficult of having your own collection?

NB: The most exciting part is finishing a collection and seeing the reaction from press and clients. It’s a fantastic buzz when you get it right. It’s weird how designers always seem to be on the same page creatively without talking about what’s in next. I love how that happens. The difficulties – we create ourselves – as we never do anything simple with our collections and developing new applications and techniques is both rewarding and hard all rolled in together.

Halo & Co. shoulder piece titled "Indian Summer"

Tell us about this shoulder piece above. 

NB: The shoulder piece we are known best for is the gold elephant shoulder piece which is from the “Indian Summer” collection. We love doing a few fantasy pieces in each collection that create fun and have visual impact. Much to our surprise we sold this style really well. I have yet to see someone on the tube in a pair!!

What inspired this piece – and – what is your inspiration for the vibrant colors in your collection?

NB: I love the spices and colors of India and it was the core of the collection. Vibrant yellows and oranges dominate each piece. From immersing ourselves in the Indian festivals, the elephant’s looked so stunning when they were decorated and painted that we wanted to pay homage to these amazing creatures and celebrate with a really fun, theatrical piece.

What materials is the shoulder piece made of?

NB: Mainly Swarovski stones – as nothing sparkles quite the same. It’s a heavy piece due to the amount of crystals used, but it just wouldn’t have the same impact without them. The elephants are a resin with gold leaf. It was hilarious making them as we needed a very small syringe which is not easy to find in North Wales so we thought we would try the local vets. When we explained why we wanted it, the look on their faces was the best. I am sure they think we are crazy!

How do you see fashion design and how does your collection contribute to the world we live in today? Do you feel your jewelry has a purpose to make those that wear it feel a certain way?

NB: The world can be so depressing and serious that we all need fashion and creativity. Our aim is for people to put on their accessories and feel fabulous and happy. We aren’t serious in the studio – it’s filled with love and laughter – and I am sure that vibe transfers itself to the pieces we make. If you can’t make something with love – don’t bother!!

Is there anything else we should know about your piece or your collection or that you would like to share with us?

NB: Jewelry and accessories are very powerful; they can make or break any outfit and – let’s face it – you just don’t look complete without a finishing touch. Historically, jewelry has played an important role in people’s lives and it’s great to see that continue. It’s such a privilege to do the job I love with the people I love knowing that people appreciate our work.

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