Architecture is the aesthetic design of spaces, buildings, structures,…the arrangement of volumes within space.
Architecture opts to combine aesthetics with practicality …
Art with robust construction…
Aesthetics is a matter of taste and mode of expression, robustness a matter of technical knowledge and delivery.
Aural architecture is all about a wisely selected bunch of background sounds to the life of the listener.
Throw your arms around imagination and quality!


29th May 2017


This is the time to realize we’ll never be somebody else but ourselves. Theme of your life may only be your own voice, vision and light. So grasp that which is inspiring and swim (don’t drown) through this sea of extreme lack of fairness and imagination. Magic and loss, inward and outward processes possess the mind and body. The old ones go and the young ones grow. A neverending circle dance demonstrating the glorious ride of life. Embrace the light and the darkness. Salt and pepper of life. At the right temperature, with the right ingredients, and most of all with the right amount of attention paid, life may go sour and uninviting or awesomely delicious. Move on.







music is my inspiration



Inspiration came to me as revelation
You and Me I know we know the same
I am the one that through me
Thoughts will come to you
I know that when you hear me crying
Your life reveals in front of you
My voice will make you shiver
‘n’ you will make me shout
Music is my Inspiration
It will be your revelation
I want to make a statue
For all the things I hate
So that you’ll have something to worship
When you decide to change
I want to make a statue
For all the things I hate



  • White Poppy

Vancouver in the heart of hardcore blissfull electronica! That’s lady White Poppy who amazes with every release, since her first cassette via Not Not Fun Records in 2012. Crystal Dorval is an outpour of confidence and her bleeps become fists of bright light for fighting modern boredom and urban depression! Runaway is her fresh fruit for the spring of 2017!



  • Drab Majesty

A discovery of (wild) sorts, carefully encompassing the candle lit aesthete of  darkness electronique, yet cruising through the stereo-types at no extra cost, Drab Majesty offers revelation and freedom through sonic warmth off the battle of light and darkness in the Los Angeles planes, always warm home for the excessively abstract, oversized in style and unafraid of limits.



  • The Molochs

There is a fine soothing element to the sun-drenched americana that these other Los Angelinos exhude with the flick of an eye and the strum of a chord!



  • Feist

Hello again to the awesome and uplifting voice of Leslie Feist of Canadian descent, who has rained upon us the gift of her glorious and powerful -yet delicate and tender- voice. She’s got her fifth album out this year (Pleasure), a departure of a beautiful trip from her awesome debut (Monarch) in 1999, and her colourful shenanigans with Chilly Gonzales, back in the days.




  • King Creosote

Fife’s own, Creosote is an incredibly prolific artist and label instigator (Fence – celebrates 23 years of life), with an impressive fifty plus musical grand oeuvre of recordings so far. Previously helped the charity initiative Yellow Bird Project take off, he enchants nationally and beyond, all through the gravest folk fests around and more. His latest album is pure magic!

Astronaut Meets Appleman – Out Now



  • The Jesus And Mary Chain

Noise Pop (n Roll) Legends, inspired by a spicy soup of 60ies rocknroll, beautiful melodic grooves, all drenched up into a thick dripping liquid cream of feedback noise, almost rained upon us all like an electric storm, coating the sublime and soothing candy Beach Boys surf groove aesthete. The American cultural imagery, deep within the musical DNA of these East Kilbride Scots, brothers Jim and William Reid, has kept their discography rich with an abundance of apocalyptic beauty and lovelife escapism urgency. They are back in 2017 with a new album, since 1998’s Munki, called Damage and Joy. Currently touring the US, UK and the rest of Europe in the autumn. Get it on!




  • Slowdive

Similarly to TJAMC above, Slowdive from Reading have had a magical dreamy pop trip that started in 1989 and ended in 1995, to come alive again in 2014. With them they took thousands of indie kids aboard their fuzzy ship of cloud sailing across the universe. Primavera Festival in Barcelona being their return landmark live performance that summer! They have a new album out and they too are touring the USA as we speak. A unique chance to follow them for a second time!




  • Joe Crow

A closure for this installation -that took a while- with an old favorite from the early eighties of alternative pop innocence. Joe Crow was discovered by the superb Cherry Red Records. Joe Crow of The Nightingales and The Prefects, released this one and only 7″ with Compulsion on side A and Absent Friends on the other. Some of us, even heard Compulsion for the first time from Depeche Mode‘s grand maestro of the electro-dark, from his first EP of favorite covers, Counterfeit 1.




  • Quantic & Nidia Góngora

But hey, another one before we go, from the beautiful and the magic marriage of the tech world of Quantic with Nidia Góngora, vocal siren Colombiana. On the Tru Thoughts Label, the collision sounds refreshing to the body and the soul! Viva!



  • Skull & Dawn

From the ashes of Defile Des Ames, a deeply spiritual combo from Athens, Greece, firmly faithful to the effectiveness of dark folk rituals via musical instruments, come Skull & Dawn, to haunt and purify simultaneously, homage to dark entities of legendary proportions, and still on a path of their own decoration and aural zen. Masterful!



A closely relevant but not necessarily always exact playlist on this week’s selections follows:






Yours cordially


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