Architecture is the aesthetic design of spaces, buildings, structures,…the arrangement of volumes within space.
Architecture opts to combine aesthetics with practicality …
Art with robust construction…
Aesthetics is a matter of taste and mode of expression, robustness a matter of technical knowledge and delivery.
Aural architecture is all about a wisely selected bunch of background sounds to the life of the listener.
Throw your arms around imagination and quality!


19th March 2017


The power and the glory of love over all. Another moment of stepping back and gazing over the running masses on their rat race. Freeze your own time and it all feels like time lapsing around you. A way to relax is to truly find a balance within and via carefully selecting on the sound of your heart’s voice, the karmic strike hits bull’s eye (every night)! Yoga your rainbow stream to the moon, speed boat cruise to the promised land of your dreams with your sunglasses on. Springtime is approaching and the best is yet to come. The best defence to the doom and gloom of the slowly departing wintertime is a fresh born optimistic attack. Keep on keepin on!





  • Depeche Mode

Fashion in haste has been a way (mode) to stay ahead for the Basildon bunch since 1981. The adored band has got a new album out and the year is 2017. Amazing as well as reassuring about our own presence on this planet. There is no reason to abandon  what makes you feel good, what gives you a religious like inspiration to carry on enhancing the remainder of your days on this planet and cherishing the fruits of the land, whether be images or sound. Dave, Martin, Andy thanks again!




  • Lee Hazelwood

Lee “the mustache” Hazelwood is the ultimate figure behind (one of) the deepest voice(s) post Barry White, and then some.




  • Grimes

The girl with the flowers on her head, Vancouverite of global aesthete and incredibly chameleonic influence in sly style supreme, Grimes returns with a new record and an extravagant sense of style that never ceases to develop and expand!

Art Angels.













  • The Dream Syndicate

Oh dear god, it’s The Dream Syndicate, alive and kickin’ hard, like the old well oiled rockngroove machine they are. Americana tropicana amplified and distorted to the eternally essential breath of expression. Inhaling rock, exhaling salvation of the soul.




  • Clare Maguire

Clare Rita Mary Maguire was rated in fifth place in the BBC Sound of 2011 list of the top 15 most promising new artists. Light After Dark, her debut was out on 25 February 2011 and she’s back in 2016 with her second album Stranger Things Have Happened. Ears open wide!





  • Xenia Rubinos

From Magic Trix to her fresh second album Black Terry Cat Xenia’s powerful mix of latin, punk, funk, soulful (poly)rhythmic extravaganza remains an awesome aural astonishment to the receiver.




  • Yo La Tengo

The KEXP sessions have by now become a real favorite state of contemporary sound representation and showcasing of urban culture. Yo La Tengo from Hoboken, New Jersey, U.S.A, have equally been a favorite since forever (!). This inseparable trio have been kind enough to share their magical and inspirational tales of americana scented rocknroll that touches the hearts of indie kids worldwide with the same unmistakable soul purifying effect each time. Let’s enjoy them at their recent KEXP session.




  • Nickodemus

Nickodemus has been album releasing as well as djing and remixing well known global music heroes. A resident DJ in the early days of Giant Step & Organic Grooves, DJing & producing the Turntables on the Hudson parties since 1998, he has traveled the World as a DJ since 18 & has been dropping musical productions since 1998 with highlight songs Cleopatra in New York, Mariposa, Free Souls and more more more. NYCity to the max of the groove!




  • Daft Punk

Another blissful track remembered this weekend. Hence the share. The video is part of the movie Electroma, made in 2009. Last year’s Unchained documentary, by Hervé Martin-Delpierre is equally superb. Veridis Quo is out of Discovery released on 26 February 2001.




See you in the next world Mr Duck(walk)…Thanks for the grooves!




A closely relevant but not necessarily always exact playlist on this week’s selections follows:






Yours cordially


dif-tor heh smusma