Hate Zine ‘s Third Issue Tackles Mental Health

Hate Zine Issue 3 mental issue

Hate Zine ‘s third issue explores mental health.

We spoke to the ladies behind London based publication, Hate zine after the successful release of their first issue of their magazine back in January. We joined the two editors Luisa Le Voguer Couyet and Scarlett Carlos Clarke in their cozy and eccentric home to gain an in depth of understand what made the young publication so smart and perfectly unique. Read the interview here.

Their first issue explored art and politics, treading thoughtfully in the more serious issues. Their third issue explores the delicate theme of mental health. “We believe it’s a topic often shied away from by mainstream media – except for one week of the year; Mental Health Awareness Week – which only perpetuates stigma and misunderstanding. Choosing such a subjective theme, we decided to give little direction to our contributors, and for the first time we accepted open submissions. Editing this issue, we were struck by the honesty of our contributors,” say the editors.

Issue 3 includes artwork by Joe Sweeney, Louise Gray, Tim Noble, Dan Mitchell. Robert Rubbish, Josie Turnbull, Hannah King, Steph Wilson, Stephanie Sarley, Oscar Burnett, Keiron Livingstone, Josh Whettingsteel, David Bereton, Angel Rose, Cerise Zelentes, Laura Hemming-Lowe, and more. Photography by Matt Irwin, Alex Sebley, Holly Whittaker, Tom Beard, and Scarlett Carlos Clarke. Writing and poetry by Greta Bellamancina, Matt Wale, Emil Lager, Sadie Pinn, Robert Greer, Sophie Wedgwood, and Luisa Le Voguer Couyet.

This issue of the self-funded, independently published, advertisement-free zine is dedicated to the editor’s late friend, photographer Matt Irwin who sadly passed away earlier this year.