Desert Sun: Fashion that feels like a dreamy version of the 70s

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Imagine you’re on a road trip on a perfect summer day, driving west towards the Californian coast and you’re so close to the ocean that you can almost taste the salt on your lips. Not everything is perfect and that’s ok because with each approaching mile you feel that much more confident that you will be. Most likely because you’ve been transported back to a dream-like version of the 70s where we are all hippies, devoted to love and peace. This is what every piece from fashion designer Anna Lakatos’ collections feel like. Her brand Desert Sun, a ready to wear women’s line uses a series of earthy and happy colours to create a timeless collection that simultaneously feels like a blast from the past.

A-line skirts and dresses make for comfortable clothes that don’t swallow shape but look effortless. A collection that is wearable when you’re keeping your appointments with your workout session and when having desserts with every meal feels more appealing. Captured by the beauty of this effortless hippie-esque world we reached out to Lakatos to hear more about her creative journey and her experience as an entrepreneur entering the commercial sphere. Read of how this woman with two masters turned experience, education and encouragement from friends and family into a creative business below.


What was the inspiration for your most recent collection?
Most of my collections are inspired by being on the road. My last collection was basically split in two. While both incorporated silhouettes reminiscent of the 1970s, one was very much influenced by Los Angeles – think Sunset Strip/Laurel Canyon groupies and followers of the Source Family – the other, named the “Corn Field” collection, was a take on a road trip in the Midwest.

Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere! But I tend to be very obsessive of a particular interest until I learn everything (in my power) about it, than move on to something else. It could be anything, a character of a book, a colour, a painting or a song. So I read a lot, travel, watch a lot of movies and documentaries, talk to people and go to exhibitions, concerts or wherever I can find information about the topic and its context. Although I grew up in Europe, I have always been very much influenced by American culture and I believe that it’s also reflected in my collections. However, my external vision translates into a somewhat idealised/romanticised image and brings an outsider’s perspective to the pieces that I create.

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When and why did you decide to launch your own line?
As far as I can remember it, I wanted to launch my own line. I still have all my first drawings from when I was five. I have a masters in fashion management and interned a lot during college. I wrote most of my assignments about the links between the fashion and music industries so it made sense to me to continue learning about it. So I went on to get another masters in music industry management. By that time I had designed a lot of pieces for fashion shoots as well as for friends who encouraged me to start my own line, so I thought why not!

What would you say has been the most exciting moment and the most difficult?
I feel like it’s always difficult and exciting at the same time when you’re just starting a new project. There are day-to-day challenges, but seeing customers wearing your clothes; launching new collections and seeing them being published in magazines make up for them.

What are some of your favourite fashion designers right now?
I’ve always been a big fan of Nicolas Ghesquière, I love the way his vision keeps evolving and the fact that he’s never afraid of experimenting with new shapes and fabrics.

Would you like to ever collaborate? If so, who with?
I actually have a small collection of t-shirts, named “Desert Dreamer” in collaboration with Blooming Dreamer, a bohemian lifestyle online store. In the future, I would love to collaborate with musicians, either designing clothes for bands or working with them on their merch.

Has your culture or background played a role in your business decisions, if so
Absolutely, my family has been very supportive and helpful in my business decisions. I learned fashion management in school but now that I am on the  creative side of things their business minded advices help me have a more  global perspective of the way I should run my brand.


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