WHITE SHIRT, BLUE JEANS – A Metrosexual’s Perspective

What are the two most important things that comes to your mind by default whenever the word “Metrosexual” is mentioned? Although described, metropolitan and sexy, I can’t help but also include “comfortable” to the adjectival descriptions of the word in perspective – metrosexual.

It took the internet by storm earlier this year when the photo of a particular dress bombarded everyone’s social media timeline on different platforms. Some argued the dress was yellow and gold, others clearly saw blue and black. Perhaps a photo of the dress below will convince you about the color, and then we can progress with the foregoing fashion subject.


I’m very sure you said “Yellow and Gold”, but if you see things the way my eyes physically see things, you’d agree that blue and black is literally spelt out all over this weirdly beautiful dress which was worn by the bride of a scottish couple getting married that month *sic*


Permit me to shift your focus from yellow and gold, blue and black, but introduce to you to the colours stated in the subject, white and blue. I had given the above explanation so as to call your consciousness to the importance and indispensability of colours in our everyday life. I could go on and on about the colours that the aforementioned dress adorns, but I’ll terribly fail in my duties as a metrosexual man from the sartorially elegant city of Lagos, if I don’t expatiate the “White Shirt, Blue Jeans” situation I had found myself a couple of weeks ago.

Never have I been a conformist and this I mean in all of its ramification. I have never been of the opinion that I have to dress officially when I have meetings as it regards my 9-5 office job. Fashion and the way you chose to combine what you wear, for me, has always been self expression. Perhaps we take a sober reflection, one can say the fashion of today basically exists because people in the past chose to appear in a particular style as their personality preached, and along the line of life, evolution happened, birthing different styles, apparels and what have you. In one sentence, Fashion is YOU.


I had woken up this particular morning and thought about the next available adventure I’d love to embark on. This is stemming from the fact that, every new day, I charge myself to go out there and do one thing that scares me a little – and in this case, seeing myself in a particular style of appearance that isn’t very Jordan ( I’d like to interpret the meaning of Jordan to be – someone who readily won’t be caught dressed like in a popularly accepted style, well (pause), except exceptions *sic*)


According to the psychology of colour, blue connotes calm as white connotes simplicity: but in my case, i totally looked forward to duty and sophistication as before I put myself into those clothes, I imagined how I wanted to be addressed. My crisp Banana Republic shirt was looking very smooth as I observed the fine crease that appeared as the imprint from ironing had run through the sleeves to the wrist. And somewhere down the wardrobe, I caught my blue jeans starring back into my eyes, silently whispering, pick me. Perhaps my understanding of colours subconsciously picked what I wore without a second thought.

It wasn’t long before I set out to see a friend and this led to a mini street-style visual creation. I decided to go for an official and much more professional ambience, tucking in my shirt and letting my belt take the centre stage, just around my waist as I appeared looking like I had just been awarded a contract by a government parastatal. I complimented my looks sporting my H&M shoes with a gold casio wristwatch and stained gold ring.


There was no way I wasn’t going to finish off the look wearing a polarised pair of raybans to protect my eyes from the blazing sun as well as aggregate my appearance.

It was a scorching noon and my white crisp shirt was so bright as the sun had found solace in it. As a metrosexual, you want to consider comfort in whatever fashion inspires you, and since the color white is a great radiator of heat,  I totally made a right choice.

It gladdened my heart as I got complimentary remarks from friends and even strangers, giving me the reassurance that fashion isn’t what you see, read, or hear about, but what defines you and what you’re convenient in.


When coupling a colour white and blue, think just like I did recreating this semblance, and look out to appear your best in a smart-casual way. Of course, your confidence complements it all.

You’d thank me later – this is an assurance.

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