What To Do In London with Poet & Architect Tolu Akinyemi

Tolu Akinyemi

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Every so often we explore the world of different creators and critical thinkers that we share with. This week we talk to poet, author and architect Tolu Akinyemi about what to do in his city London.


What are three things people have to see in your city?

Lesnes Abbey

The expansive and very dated ruins of an 1179 abbey in Abbey Wood Borough of Bexley, London. The most beautiful thing about this site is that it is just slightly tucked out of sight near the city centre. The visual contrast is always a beautiful delight for a visitor coming upon it for the first time. It’s like sudden snow in June.

Woolwich Foot Tunnel

Woolwich foot tunnel is a grade 2 listed building built in 1912. The 19.5m deep and half a kilometre long tunnel provides a somewhat eerily beautiful passage experience across and under the Thames River. It’s creepy and damp and filled with echoes.

Royal Observatory, Greenwich/ Meridian Laser

The Royal Observatory, overlooks the River Thames and has played a major role in the history of astronomy and navigation. It is also the location of the prime meridian. The Meridian laser, which is visible to the naked eyes marks the route of the Greenwich Meridian by night in a northerly direction from the Royal Observatory.


What is your favourite place to have tea or coffee in your city?

Any Café around London Bridge.


Where do you go for a light lunch? A naughty lunch? A business lunch?

via the O2

via the O2

O2 Arena, North Greenwich. O2 Arena, North Greenwich. O2 Arena, North Greenwich.


Do you eat alone? Where?

If I’m eating alone, it’s likely I’m in my house, eating a home-cooked meal.


It’s a Saturday night. Where are you going and who with?

A music concert, with friends.


What’s your favourite cocktail and where do you go to get it?

I don’t drink.


Where did you spend your most romantic moment?
Ruins of Lesnes Abbey/ Lesnes Abbey Forest.


Where do you go to unwind?
Sometimes it is the Thames River Water Front bicycle trail, which has several kilometres of lonely tracks to ride on with London’s skyline in the distance and the wind in your face.

At other times it’s sitting on the 800 year-old ruined walls of Lesnes Abbey and soaking in its calming ambience. It’s always like being transported back in time. I’m often there to write, but I end up doing more of walking, looking and thinking.


Where do you go for retail therapy?

I don’t do ‘retail therapy’, but I’m mostly an online shopper. My favourite online store is Amazon (and it’s not for the books).


What is your ultimate favourite place in your city and why?
Lesnes Abbey for reasons already mentioned.


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