Citizen of the Week: Kimberly Ntsimi

Kim Ntsimi

Studying Applied Mathematics in New York University, creating opportunities for higher education for Cameroon’s youths and running her own business consulting company make Kimberly Ntsimi an academic, a philanthropist and an entrepreneur. Undeniably a force to be reckoned, Ntsimi is just getting started. Fun, fearless and fashionable, these fleeting words may be used to describe her at first glance. However, this New York based superwoman is another example that there is always more than meets the eye.
African countries are steeped in rich history but like most developing states they are not exempt from conflict, violence and corruption. The tragedy that stems from the continent’s continuous conflicts makes those least responsible for political plagues most vulnerable. In her home country, Cameroon, Ntsimi has become an essential humanitarian figure, working tirelessly to advance African voices from across the continent. A pan africanist, she has taken active and influential steps to combat persisting problems and increase opportunities for Africans by finding, connecting with and further developing young minds that will one day work for the betterment of African nations and the world.


Courageously taking on the herculean task of nourishing her education, contributing to saving the world and enduring the ups and downs that all young women in their 20s experience, Ntsimi leaves us in awe of how well she does it all. Ours had the pleasure of interviewing Ntsimi on her business, education, philanthropy and life.



Growing up you moved around a lot, how did this add to your development in becoming the woman you are today?

First of all, I’d like to thank you for this interview and giving me the opportunity to present myself to Ours Magazine’s readers. I have lived in Paris (France), Yaoundé (Cameroon), Libreville (Gabon), Bangui (Central African Republic) and Rolle / Gstaad (Switzerland) before moving to New York (USA) for my college education. Hence, pan-Africanism is one of the main guidelines in my life, today. I believe that unity will enable Africa to rise as one leading continent and all the people will be economically and socially elevated. We have, among African countries, a duty of solidarity. The woman I am today has as much love for Cameroon and Cameroonians as for all the other African countries and people.


People may have certain pre conceptions about you. As a young woman how do you deal with negativity?

Well, here’s my advice: “if they don’t know you personally, don’t take it personal”; as a young leader I cannot let negativity distract me from my goals that aim to make Africa, hence the world indirectly, a better place. My duty is to be a living proof that the combination of faith, talent, dedication, strategy and network will allow Africans to impact the world and make sure our heritage and culture is synonym to love and excellence. Pre conceptions people may have about me are not part of this combination so I don’t give any importance to them.

Kim Ntsimi

Being a biochemical engineering student at NYU how do you have time for philanthropic work?  Is it possible for young entrepreneurs to have it all?

I am no longer studying chemical & biological engineering (CBE). I switched to applied mathematics because I have always been found of mathematics and general chemistry but the amount of physics involved in CBE didn’t match my professional nor academic, aspirations. Applied mathematics is a broad and interesting major that leaves all doors opened for my next degrees.

Whenever I am not in class or doing schoolwork, I am devoted to my philanthropic and entrepreneurial work. It’s all about being rigorous, having priorities in order and being aware that ideas are worthless unless they’re concretized through a meticulous execution.

Kim Ntsimi

Who inspires you?

Children inspire me. They represent love, purity, and the future. They push me to be humble and spread nothing but love around me.

Africa inspires me. Whenever I am in Africa or among African people, I believe in happiness. What inspires me is my foundation on which my vision, strategy, execution and life experiences (hopefully great achievements) are laying on.


Can you please tell us the creation story behind Ntsimi Group?

The Ntsimi Group is composed by the Simi & As Foundation and the Ntsimi agency. Hopefully in the next couple of years, a subsidiary focused on technology & energy will be added. The Simi & As Foundation was established last December, after 3 consecutive years of teaching mathematics in public high schools, providing scholarships to 15 teenagers with a great academic potential and we provide the best resources and trainings in order for them to hopefully be admitted to the best universities in the world. The only requirement is to come back to an African country of their choice, once they’ve graduated and work there for at least 3 consecutive years in order to share their knowledge with the next generation.

The Ntsimi agency committed to delivering bespoke communication management services to individuals from Africa. We seek to leverage our powerful network to increase client exposure both at “home” and “abroad”, enabling them to take control of their professional life and financial future. Our focus is to elevate the individual while representing African culture and supporting the development of our continent.



The Ntsimi Group seeks to better African countries by educating the youth. Why do you feel this is the most effective way to increase opportunities and development?

In my opinion, education is the most reliable investment. By education, I mean both academics and professional career. We identify kids who will excel academically and those who will achieve greatly in a professional environment. This will give Africans access to intellectual independence. If we add a pan-African state of mind to this intellectual independence the rest will just be history.


Kimberly Ntsimi

Are there any new projects you are working on that you would like our readers to know about?

That may be my biggest challenge; being able to manage and concretise all the simultaneous projects I am working on. To city a few ones, I’m an advisory board member to the Women Inspiration Enterprise Network (which includes speakers such as Queen Rania of Jordan, Alek Wek and Melinda Gates among many others inspiring women). We are now organizing the 2016 symposium, which will take place in East Africa during the month of August. I’m also filming a documentary with a first lady in Africa in which we discuss important subjects… There are so many more but as I said, execution and concretization are key so I should go back to work!

I am very humbled and honoured to be chosen as Citizen Of The Week.  Thank you!