NGO of the Week: Conservacion Patagonica

Patagonia is a lightly populated area in the southern most parts of South America shared by Chile and Argentina. The region contains deserts, grasslands and the southern portion of the Andes Mountain range. In addition, it is home to unique wildlands and ecosystems.

In 2000 Kris Tompkins founded Conservation Patagonica, a non-profit incorporated in California to protect the wildlands and ecosystems of Patagonia. Conservacion Patagonica concentrates predominantly on building national parks in Patagonia.

Conservacion Patagonica works to create national parks in Patagonia which will save and restore wild lands and the wildlife in the area as well as inspire care for the natural world and generate healthy economic opportunities for local communities. This region is continually under attack from industries and individuals that seek to exploit the land for short-term monetary gains.



All over the world, wildlands and wild life are disappearing. Humans now populate over 43% of our planet and we are experiencing the largest wave of extinction since the dinosaurs and risk wiping of irreplaceable ecosystems. Conservacion Patagonica works closely with scientist to create large-scale protected areas and preserve some of the planets rarest creatures. Patagonia is one of the worlds last vast expanses of open spaces, which gives a all its visitors unique opportunities to conserve essential habitats on a biologically significant scale. The organisation is seeking to permanently protect 650,000 acres of land in Patagonia National Park.


A very important aspect of Conservacion Patagonica is inspiring care for the natural world and creating generations of environmental stewards. National Parks offer a place for the public to connect with nature, which inspires us to care and and promote their natural world. This also strengthens the regional economy through ecotourism and conservation jobs for the local communities.


In order to build and protect these national parks the organisation works with the local communities. National parks all over the world have acted as the keystone of sustaining local economies and communities. In order to properly protect and conserve wildlands and wild life in surrounding areas the support of the surrounding communities is imperative. Conservacion Patagonica has gained the support of the local communities to participate and profit from the creation of the park. Conservacion Patagonica reaches out to the regional populations to advance the mission of the organisation and increase tourism in the area, ensuring that tourist money stays in the region to bolster the local economy.


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