The New Magazine Hate is a Whisky Sour with a Damn Good Twist

Hate zine

Holiday Greetings from the Co-editors of Hate Zine, Scarlett and Luisa

Disclaimer: Hate Zine is not at all about hate.


If the zine Hate were a person, they would be intelligent, brutally honest, slightly cynical, definitely hilarious with an unshakeable confidence, impossible not to admire.


Adult colouring pages of Stalin and quirky quizzes create casual pauses between heated Q&A’s from thoughtful intellectuals like philosopher Daniel Pinchbeck. Series of candid photos further attribute to an unpretentious air of questioning society and shining light on societal issues, like in the must read article “The Nervemeter” that discusses homelessness, government aid and opportunities for the unemployed through the sale of the publication the Nervemeter.


Hate is one of those zines that has things to read, better yet interesting things to read and reread and share.


Editor duo, Scarlett Carlos Clarke and Luisa Le Voguer Couyet began Hate to create a platform for their friends and other creatives to publish their work and know it will be appreciated.


“I’ve written for a magazine before and they have altered everything I’ve said,” says Scarleet, “you have no control over your work, and in photography as well they really edit your photos down.”


Scarlett and Luisa believe it is important to show appreciation to the writers, photographers and illustrators they feature by maintaining their tone and style. The two like minded editors sparked a friendship when they were both working in beauty and would meet up for breaks and just chat. Casual banter blossomed into friendship and a creative partnership that brought us Hate.


Unfortuantely their first issue is all sold out, but fingers crossed we might get a reprint in Europe, there will deffinetly be a reprint and launch in New York so look out for that as well. Hate comes out twice a year so look out for their upcoming issue out in April.

Do their narcism quiz below.

hate zine