Architecture is the aesthetic design of spaces, buildings, structures,…the arrangement of volumes within space.

Architecture opts to combine aesthetics with practicality …

Art with robust construction…

Aesthetics is a matter of taste and mode of expression, robustness a matter of technical knowledge and delivery.

Aural architecture is all about a wisely selected bunch of background sounds to the life of the listener.

Throw your arms around imagination and quality!




8th January 2015


This new year is a blank canvas. We are free to brush anything onto it. Even try new materials and techniques, like smashing an egg on it or something. Let it drip!



·         Cavern Of Antimatter

A sum of legendary parts: Stereolab’s Tim Gane and Joe Dilworth (also of Th’ Faith Healers), and Holger Zapf. Their debut Void Beats / Invocation Trex will be out in February 2016 from Duophonic (High Frequency Discs), also a well-known outlet and own creation of Stereolab for any fan of the band reading out. A well-deserved in depth look into that band of pure awesomeness could, would and should be a blessed installation in the future (perhaps)! In the meantime, this bunch is a highly enjoyable krautrock drenched group of highly skilled instrument strummers, twisters and bangers that it serves as a super tasty antidote in the absence of Stereolab. And to be fair to COAM, they are a fantastic and hypnotically contagious group of scientists of sound, performing magical sound-lab experiments!



·         Savages

Well known London ladies of merciless dark rock, they have a new video out which celebrates their craft once more. This plays the role of the second single off their new and forthcoming album Adore Life. More greatness expected as this fine bunch further develop their craft.



·         Sea Pinks

They come from Belfast (N. Ireland) and they have a soothing touch delivered by their soft guitar strumming and vocals, easily melting any trouble away! A band inspired by sea glass, bleached grass and ghost guitars, as they themselves proclaim. Pop Superb!



·         Lamda (λάμδα)

This is a collective of fine young musicians merging deeply modern filtered folk music with electronics and vox in an obscure (at times) atmosphere that boasts cohesiveness and musicality, married together and giving life to siblings of sweet morning hazy awakenings as well as late night dizzy endeavors. Or perhaps this is only one way of reflecting their sonic filtering.–2



·         Space March

In the days of information abundance it can be a heavy task to track down artists dwelling along the underground that stand out or have such potential. Dreamy symphonic electro from singer/songwriter/producer, artist and timpani abuser – Craig Simmons, is what is self-described in Space March’s website to be the project’s definition.



·         The Album Leaf

Coming off a ten year band life celebration, The Album Leaf feel solidly relevant and positively inspiring. Starting off as a solo project of Jimmy LaValle in San Diego, California, 1998, they have indeed evolved through positively enlarging their aural horizons and perfecting their vast landscape simulation into sound.



Saturday January 9th 2016, a memorial service for Rock’n’roll’s greatest Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister takes place in Los Angeles and London simultaneously, also connected via this youtube channel:


Now that Motörhead can be no more, they will be missed more and more…for what has been created is one of the most unique and greatest contributions to the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll music, which of course if the backbone of all the finest moments of primal body groove sensation and quite possibly the most exciting musical experience in history, both individually and collectively. So many will verify this and so many other musical genres, sub-genres and bands will admit to owing their existence to Motörhead. Surely, Motörhead will always be one of the top most important Rock ‘n’ Roll bands.

Viva Lemmy!






Yours cordially






dif-tor heh smusma