MSF Doctor Shares Touching Syrian Poetry

Alraqqah Syrian Refugees, syrian poetry

Alraqqah, Syria


A poem by Dr Marwan


In exile

In the time of aborted dreams

Rain falls on land that no longer needs it

And birds stop flying.

This is how it looks in a time of unbelonging.

I’m a mere refugee, with a map drawn of lost footsteps

and the face of a motherland drawn in cigarette smoke and stained with blood.


قصيدة بقلم الدكتور مروان

في زمن الغربة

في زمن الأحلام المُجهضة

المطرُ يتساقط على أرضٍ لم يعد

يعنيها سقوط المطر

والعصافير استقالت.. ولم تعُد تمتهن السفر

هكذا تبدو كل الأشياء

في زمن اللّانتماء

هو مجرد لاجئ، ترسم خطاه وجه الضياع، ويرسم دخان سيجارته وجه وطن تلطخ بالدماء.



Click here to read a testimony by Dr Marwan:  “Life in Raqqa was terrifying. During the day we lived with the government’s airstrikes; at night there were coalition airstrikes”

Dr Marwan worked with MSF in Tal Abyad, northern Syria. After refusing a job offer from Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants, he knew his life was in danger, and made the hard decision to leave for Europe.


Names have been changed