Do Something Other than Hang Out at Your Regular Spot: Explore Geneva with New App Toot Sweet

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Geneva’s Go Out magazine teams up with French start up to create a new application called Toot Suite that makes planning a day out as easy as pie, or more precisely as easy as swipe ‘n’ click.

It’s 5 p.m. on a Friday evening, you’re rounding up from work and exhausted. No plans have been made because you knew you would be exhausted, but all of a sudden you have a burst of energy. So you reach for your phone and Whatsapp a friend, “What are you up to tonight?” Everyone is planless. So you go online to scope for the evening’s events and shows, but there’s no point heading to the theatre if the show is sold out. These are problems of the past. Say hello to Go Out magazine’s new application Toot Sweet.

Toot Sweet was created by the French start up earlier this year, after much success in the culture filled capital of Paris, they decided to bring their app to other culture loving cities around Europe like Rome, Madrid and London but, first stop, Geneva. Toot Sweet proposes the events that are about to happen closest to you and sometimes have friendly discounts.

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Go Out magazine launched three years ago as Geneva’s cultural handbook, today it is exactly that it travels the reader through the ins and outs of exploring the city and culture. Editors of the publication say the magazine allows you to plan ahead and the application allows you to be spontaneous. The application creates a platform for professionals to sell their last available tickets and for the general public to access last minute offers.

As the application develops it will personalise events you see, catering them to fit your preferences. A Tinder-like function makes it simple to explore events by swiping and inviting friends by clicking. So let the swiping and clicking begin!

Download the application here.