Allons Manger, A Perfect Gift for a Foodie Living in Geneva

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The cloth covered, beautiful design-orientated little book above, Allons manger or in english Let’s go eat, shares 16 restaurants on 76 pages that map a gastronomique journey of Geneva. Creators of the book invite foodies to embark on this journey in pairs of two. How it works, “Come as a pair, present this book and you will be our guests for one main dish of your choice”.

Allons manger connects curious food lovers with delicious restaurants using heart-warming photography and mouth-watering descriptions, in a design carefully composed with care.

Filled with urban discoveries, the book features well known culinary favourites like Chez Arsène, L’Epicentre, La Bottega, Chalet Bianco and Gourmet Brothers as well as quaint bistros in the Plainpalais neighbourhood.

Menus and interior designs are unique to each restaurant but each share a respect for the environment and community by cooking with locally grown foods, harvested in their natural seasons.

The Allons manger gift book is composed by graphic design duo Ann Griffin and Nicolas Jeanmairet from Studio Rubic; food socio-anthropologist, Giada Danesi, who edits the text; and photographer, Reto Albertalli, founder of Agence Phovea.

We speak to Ann and Nicolas about their love of food and design and how the book was created.

When did you fall in love with gastronomy?

Without a doubt since childhood, when the irresistible odours flowed from our family kitchen. Then with our own personal tastes, our favourite being Mediterranean cuisine!


When did you fall in love with design?

By accumulating books, old and new, harvested during our studies in graphic design, although photography is equally important. We are simply conscious about what is around us, the spaces, the small details, balance. A sharp eye and immense curiosity are essential in the visual domain.


How did you come up with the idea?

Above all we are passionate about publishing and the idea to create a guide to Geneva has been jumping around our heads for a long time.

Online we discovered that this project already existed in Zurich, Basel and Berne since a couple of years. So we simply reached out to the creators of this quaint series, René Grüninger who is based in Zurich (and his graphist associates from La Raffinerie AG) and explained our interest in this wonderful project and that we would love to join them if they would like to add Geneva to the series.

Everything else came very quickly: the idea, the contracts, the new team, the research of restaurants, etc. And this happy adventure has lasted for three years.


How was your experience working with the restaurants you collaborated with in your guide?

They were equally passionate. An indispensible quality to distinguish them from their competitors, consistently present many hours before, during and after work hours. To the point where, while following their work process or trying to get a photograph, it’s difficult to bother them for too long.


Final words to share?

We thank Giada Danesi and Reto Albertalli who concocted texts and photographic portraits beyond our expectations. As for us, it is gratifying to know that Allons Manger brings them curious clients to discover their universe.

We often say this project is primarily aimed at restaurateurs and their clients. Our role is to manage the project and luckily to discover new restaurants throughout the year.
Available in design boutiques, book shops and online at


The 2015/2016 edition is valid from : 1 December 2015 to 31 November 2016

Price: CHF 70.–