Architecture is the aesthetic design of spaces, buildings, structures,…the arrangement of volumes within space.

Architecture opts to combine aesthetics with practicality …

Art with robust construction…

Aesthetics is a matter of taste and mode of expression, robustness a matter of technical knowledge and delivery.

Aural architecture is all about a wisely selected bunch of background sounds to the life of the listener.

Throw your arms around imagination and quality!



November 27th 2015

Aural Architecture # 43


What a wonderful world if you take a moment to stand and stare! Capable of every possible combination of ingredients making something new every time. Always new and often born out of recycling of good ol’ recipes. And music is the dough of change and beauty!


a new flame has come and nothing you can do can do it wrong




·         Panda Bear

For those of us who should care to know his real name is Noah Benjamin Lennox and he’s been a member of the mighty Animal Collective as well as releasing his own heartfelt beats since 1999. This year he got his Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper album and Crosswords is a track off it.



·         Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai

Mdou Moctar is a Tuareg songwriter and musician based in Agadez, Niger. He’s one of the pioneering musicians in performing modern electronic adaptations of Tuareg guitar music. His first blow of fame came through a a trading network of cellphones and memory cards in West Africa. Cellphones are a major means of distributing and broadcasting music in the big continent, very frequently by connecting a phone device straight to the PA, which is the story described in the movie Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai. Two albums since 2008 (Anar and Afelan, 2013) and Mdou releases its soundtrack this past June.




·         Autolux

Los Angeles, California’s own experimental band whose inception was sparked off by writing the score for Dario Fo’s play Accidental Death of an Anarchist, back in 2001. They’ve done two albums (Future Perfect, 2004 and Transit Transit, 2010) and now they’re back for more! Eugene Goreshter and their female force Carla Azar joined by Greg Edwards are out with a spectacular show for you!



·         Arca

Born in Caracas, Venezuela and brought up in a wealthy environment that offered him private education and piano lessons. Once out of the bubble he’s been discovering himself and he’s been producing fine and highly buzzing music for huge names like Bjork, FKA Twigs, Kanye West, Kelela and others along his personal angular and sexual downbeat electronic tunes. He’s releasing his second personal full length (Mutant) as you’re reading these lines.



·         King Midas Sound / Fennesz

A collision of epic proportions between London’s finest and a not-so-ordinary Austrian guitarist/electronic composer. ‘Edition 1’ is born from of an explosive collaboration between The Bug’s Kevin Martin, singer / poet Roger Robinson, vocalist Kiki Hitomi and Austrian guitar virtuoso Fennesz. It is the first of a line of collaborations of King Midas Sound with other artists.

King Midas Sound = a dubstep group consisting of Kevin Martin (The Bug), Roger Robinson (Trinidad-born poet/author), and Kiki Hitomi (from Dokkebi Q).

Fennesz = Austrian guitarist and electronic blender, outpouring his magical melodic noise pies since 1997.



·         Kenny Freq.

They hail from the capital of Greece and it’s a fine musical gathering of people within and without the Athenian underground music scene of the last couple of decades (and more).

Their own bio states: Kenny Freq. consists of four musicians (Ted Sourvinos, Kostas Synodinos, Theodore Pap, Leonidas Lampropoulos) from Athens, Greece, who started playing together during 2014. They share a wide range of musical and artistic influences, that shape their own sound by mixing early 70s pop-rock and early 90s alternative rock elements, through a modern and personal point of view.

We say the indie sensibility and Bowie lustful caramel glam-soul plus Northern Soul vibes are apparent and hair raising! Keep on keeping on boys!



·         M.I.A.

The artist known as M.I.A., is always in touch with the current and the contemporary, and what especially is related to social injustice and the suffering of the innocent. This time it’s about the Syrian (mainly) refugees who are caught in the crossfire of doom. This is called Borders, and it will be included in her forthcoming album Matahdatah.




•     Princes Chelsea

The soft voice renders everything liquid and warm, infecting our taste glands with unsurmountable sweetness. Cited as experimental ‘space pop’ music from Auckland, New Zealand, Chelsea Nikkel’s musical child lives and grows gracefully. She’s connected to the Lil’ Chief Records posse and The Cosbys, Disciples of Macca, Hang Loose. This one is a swarming video from 2012. Smokin’!


A tiny portion of this weekend’s selections are comfortably sitting within this playlist:



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