Architecture is the aesthetic design of spaces, buildings, structures,…the arrangement of volumes within space.

Architecture opts to combine aesthetics with practicality …

Art with robust construction…

Aesthetics is a matter of taste and mode of expression, robustness a matter of technical knowledge and delivery.

Aural architecture is all about a wisely selected bunch of background sounds to the life of the listener.

Throw your arms around imagination and quality!



October 30th/31st 2015




·         Wolf Eyes

What better way to start a Halloween’s Eve collection of grim gems than with the fiery red eyes of the wolf?! This bunch hails from the Motor City, i.e. Detroit, USA and they playfully and effortlessly engage in a food fight between skate culture and street grime rocknroll! You guessed right, they come out alive and kicking! Don’t try to make too much sense of their weird tales of the underground though…let the music play! And it’s one of these bands that is impossible to own their complete discography.

Every record is just another chapter in the book,” Olson muses. “It’s good to have those ideas down [as a] document of that specific time period. Forward ever, backwards never.”



·         Joanna Newsom

Intensity through beauty and lyrical tongue-in-cheek ambiguity is slaps around the face that we get from Californian Joanna Newsom. Interestingly enough she plays the (celtic) harp, which is (by now) practically an extension of her body! A spiritual approach in music making and a nonetheless successful channeling of these floating vibes through her playing and singing. Four albums along the last 11 years remain a strong personal conception of hers.



·         Beach House

Colliding and exploding in Baltimore, Maryland in 2004, this bunch is set for ironing moods down to flat surfaces of delicate psychedelic bliss. Also, as they claim, with two people “it’s so much easier to achieve things that feel exciting and new.” Endless sunny melancholic spells!



·         Thidius

London’s New Cross and kinship to King Krule, who’s been shamelessly and also rightfully spreading the word around about them, these folk shred the airwaves with beautiful melodies and dreamy funk soulful tunes able to provide lethal doses of pure adrenalized delight, if let loose for a few minutes. To our ears they sound like a more jazzy Marine Girls…And that’s a good thing!!!



·         Alt-J

Another UK find, as if by (no) surprise at all! This bunch is a well-known and prolific crew from Leeds (NW Yorkshire, England) and their success has allowed them to invest into more beautifully expensive videos and produced albums. Do watch them all!



·         Ibeyi

This is the French-Cuban musical duo of twin sisters Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz. They sing in English and Yoruba – a Nigerian language their ancestors spoke before being brought to Cuba by the Spanish to be made slaves in the 1700s — though Lisa’s is the lead voice. Naomi plays traditional Spanish/Cuban percussion instruments cajón and Batá drum, while Lisa also plays piano. Their music has elements of Yoruba, French and Afro-Cuban, and fuses jazz with beats, samples with traditional instruments. Their father was famed Cuban percussionist, Anga Díaz, who received a Grammy for his work with the latin jazz band Irakere and was also a member of Buena Vista Social Club played with Ibrahim Ferrer, Rubén González and Máximo Francisco Repilado Muñoz aka Compay Segundo.



  • Tango Alpha Tango

Sometimes it just looks so casual what some bands do, with their instruments, together and everything. But it just ain’t that relaxed, easy and casual, as it may appear. These guys fit the prologue perfectly and deliver with overwhelming urgency and ease.



·         PEACHES feat. Kim Gordon

She’s from Canada and she’s been circling the world, shaking up establishments and spearing out her dance moves to unsuspected crowds all over the place! Kim Gordon is the indisputable goddess of the underground and her seal of approval is a guarantee good enough for quality!



·         Cloud Nothings

They were formed in 2009 and they got 3 LP’s and a handful of EPs, proving that they’re prolific enough, to win a place in here at least! Cloud Nothings are an intelligent band from Cleveland, Ohio.



·         Blood Orange

We were mesmerized by Devonté “Dev” Hynes’s last album, at the video for Sutphin Boulevard. He has written for artists such as Solange, FKA twigs, Tinashe, Sky Ferreira, Florence and the Machine, Carly Rae Jepsen, Diana Vickers and The Chemical Brothers on their 2007 Grammy award winning album We Are the Night. This year he’s back!



·         Rejjie Snow

The place of birth is Dublin, Ireland on June 27, 1993. Rejjie Snow grew up in the Glasnevin and Drumcondra areas in Dublin. Later in college after a good round of years he dropped out and moved back to Ireland and focused on his music career. First mixtape Rejovich came in June 2013. His international debut came two years later in June 2015, with All Around the World, produced by Cam O’bi. The video, featuring Lily-Rose Depp, was played 500,000 times in its first week. Rejjie is currently working on his debut full length, Dear Annie.



I’ll leave your ears bleeding this Halloween weekend with a special collection of outtakes brought out by Panda Bear for the occasion!



and of course there’s always The Cramps!




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