Les Creatives Festival Celebrates Feminine Talent in Geneva

les creatives festival


Over the course of 21 days from 11 to 29 November 2015, Les Créatives Festival celebrates women in culture across the different sectors: music, theatre, film, dance, comedy and performance. The festival will serge the city of Geneva as well as neighbouring France voisin with cultural energy from the diverse talents of emerging and established women who have carved a place for themselves in the cultural sphere.

Over fifty Swiss and international artists will share their talent over the course of the festival, taking place in over 21 cultural spaces in the region. The under-representation of women in culture acted as a catalyst that sparked Les Créatives Festival, dedicated to supporting and celebrating women in the arts.


What to Expect

• 24 concerts
• 4 films
• 3 theatre productions
• 2 dance performances
• 2 comedy shows
• 2 youth projects
• 2 round table discussions
• 2 DJ parties
• 1 exposition

The Festival’s Recommended Key Evenings

  • 11 NOV.
    Opening night with L.E.J at Manège à Onex
  • 12 NOV.
    An evening with Hindi Zahra, Coely et Mélanie René in the Salle Communale d’Onex
  • 14 NOV.
    Reggae/hip-hop evening with Queen Ifrica, Sister Fa, and Danitsa at the Salle Communale d’Onex
  • 15 NOV.
    An evening discussing circumcision lead by Sister Fa at the Manège à Onex (p. 22)
  • 18 to 29 NOV.
    Dance performance by Kaori Ito, dance duo, in collaboration with l’ADC
  • 20 NOV.
    Anna Aaron in concert at the Caves de Versoix
  • 20 & 25 NOV.
    “Le Bal de la Sainte-Catherine” reviewed and corrected & and a round table discussion about célibat 2.0 au MEG
  • 26 NOV.
    La Gale in concert at Gravière




Ticket Info

Where to Buy on the Les Creatives Website, Partner locations

Prices 10 chf for individual shows & 50 CHF for an adult festival pass & 30 CHF for a reduced festival pass



Les Creatives Festival