5 Ways to be Culturally Respectful in Switzerland


Velofahrer im Emmental mit Berner Alpen
Photo by Christof Sonderegger

As the world becomes increasingly globalised and travel and exploration becomes ever more integrated into our lives, it is important to learn how to “In Rome, do as the Romans do” when in a foreign land, and respectability is key!

This week we propose five ways to be respectful in our beloved Switzerland. 


  1. Address people as monsieur  and madame.
  2. Do not say “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?” unless in red light districts like Geneva’s,  Paquis neighbourhood.
  3. Do not speak, laugh or even dare to breath heavily on public transportation.
  4. Accept cheese, sausage and yellow curry into your life. Yellow curry is welcomed in the most unlikely and misplaced places…like a chicken panini with cheese.
  5. The banking capital is not as capitalistic as you think, get used to everything closing at 6 or 7 as store workers practically chase you out, smile and nod and say you are almost done. In Switzerland we don’t talk about it, we vote about it or call the police about it or leave angry notes or send angry notes to the press.

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