#WeAreAllTheSame part 2


  • Ludmila Kia says:

    Interesting interview. Would have loved to hear more on her views of same-sex marriage from the perspective of a christian woman.

  • María Peral says:

    I’ve always tried not to prejudge people, however avoid having a first impressions is a misconception, because I do not think the solution is to hide them. I personally practice to study my behavior towards that person i have prejudge, according to me their has been a thought, that has generated my mind of that person, for whatever the reason that is making me act in a certain way and prejudge.

      During a therapy i made to a very open mind person, we found out he was intimidate by homosexuals. Taking a closer look to his thought we found out this one tiny thought; “He fear that homosexuality, could lead to human extinction.” the thought the patient was generating, had enough influence to incomodate him in front of gays people.

    When he realized it was just a thought as; “my friend likes my boyfriend because they get along”, or “my bosh is a girl”, “She doesn’t belong to us, because she lives at london, and she is so posh etc.”, or “‘he is going to steal us”. Once you realice they are thought you can study where are they coming from, acept that we are humans and each one has their own fears, let those thought move on. I Bet if you do this your reaction after prejudging will change.

    Hope is usefull. xoxo

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