Architecture is the aesthetic design of spaces, buildings, structures,…the arrangement of volumes within space.

Architecture opts to combine aesthetics with practicality …

Art & robust construction…

Aesthetics is a matter of taste and mode of expression, robustness a matter of technical knowledge and ability.

Aural architecture is all about a wisely selected bunch of background sounds to the life of the listener.

Throw your arms around imagination and quality!





June the 27th today! Shine on! The setting is truly so relieving from the wintertime’s grey & cold rainfall, snowfall, … words already forgotten by most of us in this European part of the world I assume! We are being inspired & walking further towards the heart of the summer! Religiously ignoring the latest crisis media extravaganza of course! This magical blue planet will always have its balancing games of highs and lows, if you care to zoom out and glance at the bigger picture. It’s always beneficial to have a broader perspective that hopefully keeps you on the more timid and less hysterical side. Speaking of highs though, here are this weekend’s musical selections!



·         Automat

Quoting their own words on their own website: “The analog mother of all minimalist pop species is Dub. Rhythm and sound are more important than melodies. And repetition reveals itself as a form of change—if only because the focus gravitates to the small yet important details”. Automat hail from Berlin, and they sure are a union of legendary individuals from this musical & cultural melting pot, and what you just read at the beginning says it all about their sound and their musical perception. They return in 2015 with a real heavy (on the grooves) and important record. Enjoy!



·         Bad Bad Not Good

Speaking of Berlin just now, my super good friend Jarno from the “Boogie Town” regrets missing these guys last year just around the corner from his house. “BadBadNotGood” is a trio from Canada, first album done in 2011, and from then on it’s been one every year (simple)! Their latest album “Sour Soul” from February 2015 is a collaboration with Hip-hop Legend Ghostface Killah. Not that bad at all I say!



·         Sutcliffe Catering Co.

This is by a hairline difference the personal favorite of the week. According to their own words they incarnate a sublime version of dance-pop bootgaze avant-cheese DX7-worship from Tucson, Arizona. Sunshine dripping guitars and horizon expanding vocal melodies await the listener. This is ear melting pop for your summertime strolls and beyond!



·         Kindness

What kind of artist would have a name like this? Well, it so happens that Kindness is Adam Bainbridge’s solo project. He comes from Britain, he put out his debut World, You Need a Change of Mind, on 16 March 2012. He’s mainly/also a video artist. Amina Desai is his grandmother & John Blacking is his uncle. He worked with the The Philadelphia Institute for Advance Study in 2007, producing an album and graphics for it, with a number of musicians marking their input making the Kindness album a personal and welcome contribution to the Institute’s body of work. 2009: debut single Swingin’ Party on Moshi Moshi Records, October 2011, Cyan was released as a limited edition 12″ vinyl through Kindness’s own record label Female Energy in the UK and Terrible Records in North America. 2013: Kindness contributed to production and instrumentation on Blood Orange‘s Cupid Deluxe, and his album Otherness is released with the help of Robyn, Dev Hynes, Kelela and more. Kindness has performed at a number of festivals and headline shows through the world including South by Southwest, Latitude Festival, Printemps De Bourges, Sydney Opera House, Primavera Festival, Field Day Festival, Eurockennes, Calvi on The Rocks, Oya Festival, Way Out West, Flow Festival, Summer Sonic, Bestival, We Love Green, Les in Rocks Festival, Midi Festival, and Soulwaxmas. Kindness supported The xx @  Night and Day Festival in London and Berlin.



·         The Juan MacLean

These guys belong to the fabulous family of dfa records, and had their fourth LP out last autumn. They have the ethos and vision of dfa flowing in their veins. They are John MacLean who’s been friends with James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem & dfa founder) since the days before the inception of the label. Juan is joined by Nancy Whang (LCD Soundsystem, Soulwax), the late drummer Jerry Fuchs and other shiny happy dfa related people. Started playing guitar for the post-hardcore band Six Finger Satellite, based in Providence, Rhode Island, with James Murphy joining the band as sound engineer (where he became known for a punishing tour PA set up, which he nicknamed “Death From Above“). After years of hiatus and LCD Soundsystem formed by J. Murphy in the meantime, J. Maclean returned with experiments in electronic music of the groovy danceable kind! His first album on the label, Less Than Human, was released in July 2005. Further collaborations include Cut Copy, Shocking Pinks and Happy House was re-released in the summer of 2009. It was promoted with a video directed by The Wilderness featuring singer Nancy Whang and a collection of back-up dancers including members of other DFA bands.

A Place Called Space” is an 8+ mins epos that should deservedly be experienced in your dancing shoes (or without any shoes at all).



·         KVB

Hailing from the UK and currently breathing the Berlin air, this duo formed in 2010 and following a route through limited tape and vinyl releases, Kat Day and Nicholas Wood find themselves working with Stereolab’s good old drumming machine (Joe Dilworth), using Brian Jonestown Massacre’s mastermind Anton Newcombe’s Berlin studio for their Out Of Body EP release, in 2014. For this year they’re teaming up with Geoff Barrow’s Invada label for their new cradle of minimal motoric & hazy electro-fuzzy bliss called Mirror Being.



·         Lay Llamas

One of the latest favorites and a kind of a weird and revelatory discovery, Italy’s own Lay Llamas, performing their psychedelic sonic rituals out in the open for all to experience. Their album Ostro is named after a wind that blows north from Africa through Sicily. The term is used among fishermen in the old greek villages of Sicily, the band’s own Nicola Giunta’s hometown roots (in Greek it’s Ostria)! In other words: spacedelic-afro-kraut, fourth-world music, psych tensions, tribal percussions, kosmische synths mix together in a new heights of consciousness. That’s the description from their own page. Let’s stick to the music:



·         White Poppy

With a fresh and (inside info says it’s) awesome album ready for release this year, Vancouver’s own White Poppy is a splendor for the ears that just won’t tire away knocking out any old repeat! Wear Me Away is from her 2013’s self-titled album. From the label that needs no further introduction from this here place (Not Not Fun Records). Stay in tune!



·         Glacial

This is the joint project of renowned Greek techno/house producer Giorgos Lemos -simply known as Lemos – and saxophonist/experimental artist Ilan Manouach. This hypnotic mixture of minimal beats and sweet saxophone crooning, has a rich creamy (& dreamy) texture (should we say tech-ture?) that will simply stop time for you. Sweet surrender!



·         Pantha Du Prince

For the final credits roll of this weekend here’s another producer from Germany, that has been insightfully mashing minimal techno & house with acoustic elements of sound, sometimes of the outdoors type. This here is a track off his collaboration with The Bell Laboratory. A track from a couple of years back to send you off to a blissful sunset…and quite close to the previous one from Glacial 😉



This last one is dedicated to Stereo of Leeds, the Cat. She just left us for another universe I like to think. She’s already on The Enterprise! Thanks for all the great moments of interstellar communication and generously offered wisdom and inspiration. Bon Voyage Stereo!





Yours cordially






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