Following a complete refurbishment, Lights of Soho, London’s newest art gallery and member’s lounge has now launched and is operating as a cultural hub for Soho’s creative community and the global home of creative neon and light art formats. The gallery located on Brewer Street, will also offer food and drink developed in conjunction with Michelin-star chef Mark Hix, and will provide a member’s lounge and an online art shop.

Lights of Soho will bring together established and next generation artists as well as a programme of film, fashion and music events for its members.

Chris Bracey - The Power & The Glory

 City Lights

After an immensely successful soft launch period, the gallery has now launched with a five-week group exhibition, ‘City Lights’. ‘City Lights’ will bring together an extensive mix of reputable and distinguished light artists, alongside up and comers. As the first show to feature both Tracey Emin and the late Chris Bracey, it is definitely an iconic moment for two pioneers in neon art to be placed side-by-side in a major exhibition.

Tracey Emin says, “Lights of Soho is doing something exceptional. People take neon for granted but it’s a dying craft. There are many new ways of lightning up the town but it’s nice to be able to see and concentrate on the old traditional methods.”

“City Lights’ is inspired by the feelings of excitement and possibility when encountering ‘the new’.  With the support of renowned artists, Lights of Soho will pave the way for a creative club in the heart of London.

Artists exhibiting in ‘City Lights’ include: Tracey Emin, Gavin Turk, Chris Levine, Chris Bracey, Christian Furr, Rob & Nick Carter, Robert Montgomery, Angela Palmer, Dianne Harris, Victoria Grant, Kerry Ryan, Alex Randall, Tom Wilkinson, Aphra Shemza, Natasha Archdale, Toni Gallagher, Lauren Baker, Rococo Wonderland, Anna Lomax, Dijon Hierlehy, Mike Booth, Diana Chire, Rupert Newman and Josef O’Connor.

Rupert Newman - Faces Changed (High Res)

Lights of Soho

In addition to the gallery space and member’s lounge, Lights of Soho is providing a  daytime meeting space for Soho’s cultural connectors, influencers and creative community. Hamish Jenkinson, Art Curator at Lights of Soho and former Artistic Director of the Old Vic Tunnels says, “With Soho changing at such a rapid rate, it’s a great privilege to bring together so many fantastic artists, working together to ensure Soho’s creative legacy is upheld long into the future. If we can capture a little of the magic the old Colony Rooms created, we will have done a great thing.”

Embracing Soho’s history, Lights of Soho definitely reflects the architecture and antiquity of the venue in its décor. It was once an old porn shop, and the venue hosts a secret basement that previously housed a brothel, and will now feature private tables that offer the same sense of mystery found in Soho’s past. As Sir Michael Caine said during the soft launch, “It’s very Soho.”

‘City Lights’ will run from 28 May – 5 July, with new exhibitions and events to be announced.

We also had the pleasure of sipping on fabulous cocktails by Hoxton Gin, who made a mean Moscow Mule for us.

Dianne Harris - Connected (High Res)

What we thought?

OURS has joined the fold by becoming members of this new creative hub, which is free for upcoming marketeers, artists and creative mind’s in the city.

This new concept is not only encouraging a beautiful community full of creators and like-minded artists to come together, but also adding something more to Soho.  Soho has always had neon lights, and attracted unique individuals from all ends of the city for different experience’s and adventure’s – Lights of Soho definitely represents the Soho scene and it’s character. Not only is it an absolutely brilliant networking concept, but also a very stimulating and unique environment to just be in. We are excited to see what is to come with Lights of Soho and just how far they are going to take things. We are very happy to be a part of it.

Oh and this was by far my favourite piece by Aphra Shemza.

How gorgeous right?

How gorgeous right?

Stay tuned for more updates on the Lights of Soho experience. Oh and if you are also interested in becoming part of this creative hub, cheek out their website here!