NGO Spotlight: Oceana


Oceana is one of the largest marine conservation organizations in the world. Established by the Pew Charitable Trusts, Oak Foundation, Marisla Foundation, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund in 2001, it has set its goal of restoring and protecting the oceans and its inhabitants. Using their vast resources to construct a multi-faceted business model which mixes science, law, and policy with public education has allowed them to become a powerful voice within the discussion of the conservation of the oceans. With such successes as Chile permanently banning bottom trawling around their seamounts and Spain announcing its law to fight pirate fishing, Oceana has jumped from victory to victory across a broad range of countries using various channels of influence.

In addition to their direct activism, they have also garnered attention in the media, with such famous actors as Leonardo DiCaprio and Morgan Freeman supporting their cause. It seems they are making the most concerted effort to tackle as many aspects of marine conservation as possible, via a multitude of streams. We must congratulate them for their ability to accomplish so much, yet demand more for the future. Being backed by rather wealthy foundations gives them an enormous advantage towards accomplishing their goals. We should be hugely grateful to them for noticing a problem with the amount of money being spent to preserve the environment and being willing to tackle such an immense problem.

Now we must learn from their efforts. Unsurprisingly, starting off with a formidable amount of capital and methods of influence creates a recipe for success. But without the continual backing of supporters, we would see shifts away from interest in protecting our environment. We should not be dissuaded by the enormity of the situation facing us: slowing the destruction of marine life. Instead, either joining forces with Oceana or modeling our own efforts off of their strategies should see great advances towards becoming environmentally conscious. But critically, we must not do nothing and rely on such large organizations to save our world for us. Critical thinking and exceeding passion allowed them to create change, so let us continue to support such efforts and offer further advancements towards marine conservation.