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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Spring/Summer period of 2015 is finally upon us and its time to get our skin up to speed! Having spent the entire Easter weekend letting ourselves relax in all the usual ways, by that I mean yes to eating copious amounts of chocolate and no to exercise, its time to put off the inevitable. With the promise of sunny weather on the way, the need to make sure that our skin is in tiptop condition for any outdoor social mingling is now becoming a priority. Long gone are excuses to be hibernating indoors because of that pesky spot or dull, dry skin. Attempts to create this clear complexion must focus on a good beauty regimen to achieve that natural brilliance from the inside out.

How to create this clear complexion? Enter my new obsession, Willow Organic. I happened upon this company around Christmas in search of that ever sort after skin saviour and thanks to Sue Stowell the creator, it achieved nothing short of a Christmas miracle for my skin. The company were launching their first ‘in shop’ beauty range and I was lucky enough to receive a facial from the wonderful Sarah Cordier, business development manager who had previously worked at   Eve Lom.

After an hour of being deeply and very comprehensively massaged on my face, neck and arms I did emerge with (not to boast, well just a little) rejuvenated, glowing skin!  Extremely satisfied I succumbed and indulged in their Super Oil and it’s this one product from the range that will help your skin come out from its winter hibernation.

I am a huge believer in natural beauty and wherever possible organic products. Commonsense and science support the fact that putting numerous different chemical products on your face and body everyday is hardly healthy.  The super oil (along with everything else in their range) is certified organic. Using it made my skin everything I wanted to be. It felt hydrated, nourished, evened my skin tone and just created all round wonderfulness.

The blend of super oils that comprise this product centre around the patented Barbary Fig oil the star product of the range, also a rumoured contender to be the next big “thing” in 2015. The other key ingredients are Rosehip and Rose. The beauty know-alls will instantly recognise these as being raved about for their anti-ageing, healing and nourishing effects for healthier looking skin. What has honestly impressed me about this product is that it is comprised of so few ingredients, but really worked and isn’t just another gimmick. The simplicity of it allowed me to mix and mingle it with other products without any problems. This is because the oil is of a lightweight consistency that enables it to be readily absorbed into the skins epidermis (outer layer), a sign that a product is really doing its job.  It’s not at all greasy although it will afford you that clear, visibly soft nourished skin. Could there be any more reasons to make this a must have product on your bathroom shelf this month. Well just one more then! Like the normal human beings of this planet I am unhappily graced with blackheads and the occasional bothersome spot. I found in some bizarre way this oil actually reduced the appearance of my blackheads and pores and did not cause my skin, which is sensitive, to break out at all.

Conclusion, this Super Oil is an indulgent purchase at £75.00 but a must, suitable for all skin types because of its lightweight consistency and natural base. Any oil skeptics out there this product may really convert you!




Online –http://www.willowbeautyproducts.co.uk/organic-skin-care/moisturisers/super-oil-serum.html

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