Alexquisite Interview



In what level or aspect has your civil engineering background defined your design aesthetics?

I am afraid I have to admit that six years of studying civil engineering didn’t really develop my aesthetics since there is not a single class about this. But on the other hand, these studies did help me to build a certain way of working both under situations of pressure and in a competitive environment. That is also the case on my new field.




It seems that your design signature exhibits minimal and utilitarian influences. Do you find that this approach to your inspiration will be a “constant” one in your future endeavours?

I think its very difficult to predict how your own taste is going to evolve. I am very keen on simple forms and subtle details at the moment but I believe that this is a result of a minimalistic approach on design I have been taught. I always admire designers and artists that keep on being innovative with their own style, so I would like to see myself in a same evolution.




What do you aspire for ” Alexquisite” ?

I hope it will always be the medium with which I can express my ideas as less filtered as possible.




How challenging do you find it as a young creator, to find a balance between commerciality and conscience?

Oooh so difficult. It is always very tricky and challenging to find the point between your original idea and the final execution in order for the product to satisfy both you and the clients.


Do you meticulously edit before your backpack — artefacts reach their owners or are you more an inspiration driven creator?

Till the moment I have always been working in the environment of school or a big company. In the first case the guidelines come from a certain assignment and I am free to design literally whatever, being quite free on the decisions I make, since I am in an academic environment. On the later, you have a company that always needs something to be very successful commercially and at the same time carrying the heritage of it. So, I am really looking forward to the moment when I will be all by myself to create something out of pure need for it.




How would you ideally expect “soft design” to be interpreted by the consumer?

By touching and feeling and experience the tactility of it, leaving the eyes away.


You are currently studying product design. Has this given a new dynamic to your ideas?

Of course, it’s very important to be in a school that is very strong on building characters and bringing out the characteristics that make each of us there individuals.




If you had the opportunity to enrich your designs with a portion of your Greek national heritage, what would that be?

I cannot help but being cliché… Light. But recently I am very interested  in this maximalism that characterises the culture as well, and this is something that I would like to work with and try to reduce it in something very minimalistic.