Exposition Maitriser L’extrême: Geraldo De Barros & Denis Jutzeler

The exhibition Maitriser L’extrême, currently showing at Geneva’s Espace L features artists Geraldo De Barros and Denis Jutzeler.

“You look at the sun. Then you return home and can’t work, you’re impregnated by light .” Jonas Mekas .

An extract from the film “Walden” by Jonas Mekas, 1969, published in the form of photography in 2005 in the series “Frozen Film Frames”.


Fabiana de Barros daughter of the artist, Geraldo de Barros, and organiser of the exposition unites two artists using photography as a technique to construct expressive panoramas.

She says, “By proposing this exposition, I abandoned intuition to reunite two artists, active in different fields of visual art and who use, or are using photography as a technique and a form of expression, constructing panoramas with ‘mastering the extreme’.”
When we observe the two series from each artist we experience two feelings, evoking two possible narrations. Savage disillusionment and looking for light.


Maitriser L’extrême

Composition 534, 2014 Tirage sur papier Barité 1×2 m by Denis Jutzeler


Savage Disillusionment
In the work of Denis Jutzeler, nature invades our eyes. It is represented in such an abstract and irregular manner that we are as if lost in the photograph. The artist travels the eye, and we progress from an observation, to a still life, to a dreamlike picture.

Gazing into the depths of each image, unravelling the endless layers of texture, each time we admire the piece is like seeing it for the first time.


Maitriser L’extrême

Série Sobras N 211, 1996-1998 Papier baryté 30×23 cm by Geraldo De Barros

Looking for Light
While admiring the work of Geraldo de Barros, we experience a journey, a journey in search of light, somewhere a long his pathway. Or rather we feel as though we are following anyone who could help us to find our bearings.

There is a strong relationship between the blacks and white, assembled in collage, creating a profound interpretation of capturing panoramic nature using photography.

Visually we are submerged in between a map, a view of the sky, and photo negatives that create a double experience: Cartesian and poetic.

His work falls between two mediums, actual photography and the careful artistic recomposition, resulting in emotive collages that appear to effortlessly capture light in a picturesque panoramic, evoking powerful emotions in the admirer.


We strongly recommend admiring the exhibition now on at Espace L.


Special Film Viewing 

To compliment the exposition, Espace L invites the public to an exceptional projection of the film by Michel Favre “Geraldo de Barros – Sobras em Obras .” The 75 minute long film will be shown on thursday 30 April at 19:30 in the Salle de Fonction in Cinema Grütli (rue du Général-Dufour 16, Geneva, Switzerland).




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