Housekeeping London

photo credit: Patricia Lopez

Housekeeping – Photo Credit: Patricia Lopez


As our regular readers know, we encourage continuous discovery. On the look out for all that is new and exciting in London Town, we came across a range of wonders straight out of the west London music scene. This gem is HouseKeeping London. We had the pleasure of attending their last event in Victoria Embankment and where we chatted about their story and their vision.

Check out our interview with them below:

What is YOUR Story? We want to know more about the faces behind Housekeeping.

We’re a group of friends who came together to form the Housekeeping collective based on our love for the music.

 What made you start Housekeeping?

Housekeeping was originally created to fill a void in the West End club scene. We felt London was missing the music and vibe which could be found in our favourite place Ibiza, so we started doing our own club nights. It was an uphill struggle at first. None of the clubs believed in the merits of playing our style of deep and tech house but after convincing the management at one of the clubs we finally got the go ahead. We smashed the record for highest grossing night at that place and we’ve been going from strength to strength since then.

 Define Housekeeping for us in one sentence.

Music, vibe and people.

We read that the sole goal of your parties is to create ‘hedonistic vibes’, what do you think is key in achieving this?

It’s about creating an atmosphere where people are comfortable and feel that they can relax and enjoy themselves. We want our club nights to have a ‘friends of friends’ feeling – almost like a big house party. We spend an awful amount of energy, time and money on the production side of things and of course our music is very central in creating this vibe.

What made you want to be a part of London’s party scene? Are you guys thinking about going global?

I wouldn’t say we reluctantly became part of the London party scene, but we originally started our parties simply because we weren’t happy with the music in the West End at the time. Things have changed a bit since and the high end London clubs now regularly put on good DJs but we still believe there are not enough high end nights with good music. And judging from our success so do our friends!

In terms of going global, well that is certainly our ambition. We have been present in Ibiza now for 3 years and will be playing there again this season. We also play outside the UK on a fairly regular basis. But this is just the start so stay tuned!

What kind of crowd and scene would you say comes to Housekeeping?

We are fortunate to attract a very high end crowd but it’s not just a bunch of rich tossers, it’s an international and eclectic crowd of individuals who love music and love having a good time.

Do you feel like you attract true music lovers? Is this genuine appreciation important to you?

The music is at the very centre of what we are all about. Yes a lot of effort goes into production and other aspects of the clubbing experience but the music is absolutely paramount. Our music policy is very strict and I’m sure anyone who’s ever been to one of our nights can testify to that. We are also busy producing our own music and that will allow us to even more closely control the musical experience.

 We saw you love Ibiza’s party scene. What do you love the most about Ibiza?

Ibiza has a vibe that cannot be found elsewhere in the world – it’s carefree, relaxed and hedonistic. It’s also the epicentre of electronic music, a centre of creativity and a real source of inspiration and not least it’s an incredibly beautiful place!

 How do you believe you add your own touch to bringing your ‘own touch’ to your parties?

Well for starters the music is very much part of our own touch. On top of that we bring an atmosphere and a vibe that sets us aside from most other club nights. You have to come and experience it and see for yourself!

What is your vision for Housekeeping in the future?

The future is bright, the future is global!






What did we think?

Incredible venue, and the sound system definitely got the people going. The crowd was interesting, there was diversity but there were also unnecessary divisions like separating the VIP section on another floor. To eliminate these, the table models and bottles culture could be scrapped to truly create a collective experience where appreciating good music is at the center. Yes, it is a business, but if it really is all about the vibes- then we would love to see that vibe live on through the night.

Housekeeping London knows how to throw a good party and they definitely have the potential to grow and really maximise people’s experiences! I would like to see more events like these popping up around London, event’s that genuinely capture music culture and bring diversity to London’s night life and act as a breeding ground for insanely good music.



Thank you Housekeeping for inviting us down.