Climbercise with Clip n Climb

It  has been a while since I’ve been able to find a full on fitness climbing activity like Climbercise.

So ladies and gentleman allow me to introduce … CLIMBERCISE with CLIP N CLIMB CHELSEA


London’s new climbing wall attraction takes me back to my childhood park days. Clip n Climb, adds a new twist to fitness  by introducing CLIMBERCISE, combining their team of dedicated personal trainers and fitness instructors to really get you to feel THE BURN.



How do you feel THE BURN?

Climbing provides an incredible body work out, and each wall at Clip n Climb will provide a different challenge for your mind, body and soul.  Climbing provides a great full body workout, where your core is engaged from the get-go increasing your balance and coordination. The need for balance is evident for the first climb, and as you get stronger, you will see the visible benefits emerge quickly and rock it up there! Clip N Climb offers 22 climbing challenges on offer from beat-the-clock climbs to competitive face-to-face climbing. The competition element is also definitely something that helps step up your game. It is a struggle to let go at first when you get to the top, my knees were shaking and I felt a bit like a baby bird – but you will quickly get the hang of it and it will all come naturally to you.


Clip n Climb Walls

Clip n Climb Walls


So how is the workout structured?

During the workout your fitness abilities are put to the test, with jumping-jacks, squats, lunges, press-ups and push-ups in between the climbing walls. Each climbing wall is used as a different challenge targeting specific core muscles of your body and with different instructions. Sometimes you jump down, other times you climb down, and depending on the group size the intensity will vary. During the sessions, all walls are used in different and innovative ways which makes it crazy fun. I kept asking for the music to be turned up to the max, to also bring that full on party feel. Each session is also very unique to the trainer with a range of different difficulties and workouts from HITT (High Intensity interval training) to Callisthenics and BodyWeight Training sessions, and when there is a DJ involved the whole place just comes ALIVE!

The HB doing them Squats in between

The HB doing them Squats in between


Cat in the Hat movie scene

Cat in the Hat movie scene

Clip n Climb Speed Wall

Clip n Climb Speed Wall

 Still not convinced?

Come on guys!  No climbing experience is necessary, you can just GO WITH IT. All equipment is provided and their unique patented harness system ensures your safety at all times for you to hang there, chilling.

What did the HB think?

I loved it! I love how Clip n Climb guides you and is introducing an innovative experience by combining fitness and climbing.  They also do Yoga on Thursday morning’s which I most definitely will be checking out.

There is even a vertical drop slide and the terrifying leap of faith AND they also just installed a new sound system and disco lights.

Prices are £18 PAYG / £15 each for a taster pack of 3 (great for newbies!) / £12 per session for the whole term (12 classes).
Each class is 1 hour long and includes all your kit – just turn up in trainers and sports kit and you’re ready to go.

It is the next after work party destination with your peoples. Trust MEH! It will beat the pub any day.

Thank you Clip n Climb for giving my week that HITT climbing boost.

Peace & Love

The HB