Architecture is the aesthetic design of spaces, buildings, structures, how volumes are arranged within a certain space. Architecture opts to combine aesthetics with practicality. Art & robust construction.

Aesthetics is a matter of taste and route of expression, robustness a matter of technical knowledge and ability to deliver solid structures.

Aural architecture is all about a carefully selected collection of background sounds to accompany a listener’s life.



People! Let your creative juices flow!

Mixing the new with the yester-tunes that dance cheek to cheek with immortality! Pretentiousness is the key word this week, and it is most often celebrating the vanity within us!

At the very least it’s not just an ignorant parade of the ridicule, when actually that’s all it is doing! Depends how you look at it I guess, but try it while you’re well-read and appreciative of inter connected musical and fashion evolution, and you have a voluptuous mix of solid trend of deep bliss….plus the part that everybody else might not understand, judge-in-a-rush and sometimes attack! Ignore the ignorant, and walk free amigas y amigos!

After all, …the wise one knows this will always be a situation that cannot be ignored and will have to be dealt with. The wise one is patient, because what the wise one hears comes from the heart. There is no better voice of light to guide one’s soul. And since we’re speaking of music, there is no more effective force of vibration than the tune that makes our aural taste buds shake in delight!



This week’s picks & licks!
Bjork has a new album out! It’s called “Vulnicura” and it possesses a subtle inward force, result of a personal relationship catharsis…However intimate these tunes are, they melt in one’s ears each time the record is played…or should we say, the leaked tracks that led to an early itunes-release…! Physical record is out in March. Till then, have a tiny aural bite in the shape of a remix by Lionrock.

Or get a full taste here:



Get The Blessing

Intelligent JazzFunk exploding crew from Bristol, created out of the rhythm section of Portishead, and mutating into a highly addictive ear candy! A lick from their latest “Lope & Antilope”:


Africa Express

Terry Riley’s minimalist opus “In C” celebrates 50 year of age. Defying compositional traditions, this piece takes the metronomic weaving methods of Steve Reich through an African filter producing undeniable infectious beauty. Its honorary treatment is a multilayered result of multiple magic touching hands ….Damon Albarn, Brian Eno, Bijou and Olugbenga, Jeff Wootton, Nick Zinner, Cheick Diallo, Badou Mbaye, Alou Coulibaly, Andi Toma, Modibo Diawara, Defily Sako, Guindo Sala, Kalifa Koné, Mémé Koné, Adama Koita, and André de Ridder. Trans Africa Express Endless Endless Endless!!!


Tei Shi

Lavish and elegant Argentinian pop shoegazer, currently firing up her flower-throwing gun from Brooklyn. Beautiful and as special as you let it be!



Peaking Lights

Bright and sunny San Francisco duo creating happy soundscapes with homemade synths and lots of love! “936” is probably their shiniest (and sunniest) piece of work, but their latest “Cosmic Logic” swims in poppier waters and it is as lush as vanilla cream sprinkled with grated caramelized pecan! Breakdown is the video pick contained therein.

(More about Peaking Lights in the near future…mos def!)


Aphex Twin

Old bleep eyes strikes again with more tantalizing tunes from his bottomless stash! Physical EP release two weeks ago…, sounds like we’ll be hearing a lot from Mr. Richard D. James in the near future. Obviously he so naturally challenges us to feel the freedom within a vinyl that plays equally well on 33 as well as on 45 rpm!
56481-aphex-twin-computer- controlled-acoustic- instruments-pt2-ep



This week’s Sonic Ray of Light from the past…

Ian Brown
Just over 16 years ago (2nd February 1998), Ian Brown’s debut was released to a massively hysteric reception by all Stone Roses fans worldwide!…It is a stunning debut nonetheless, and here’s a very deep and peculiar tune off it!…There are no lions in England,… no, no, no…


Last but not least, the Grecian pick of the week!


Whereswilder – “Yearling”

(Six d.o.g.s. Records)


A sweet voiced psychedelic pop from Athens (GR), conquering fabulous first impressions with their impeccable debut, via local infamous downtown arts & music club freshly shaped record label. Not to be missed!!!


Hey! We’ve come full circle again this week!
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Peace, love & rocknroll!