Peace in Eastern Ukraine?

We might soon see the end of the war in eastern Ukraine, which has left a death toll of more than 5000 since last April together with thousands of other casualties and a fast deteriorating economy.

Ukraine 2

In what is the biggest peace push so far to end the near 10-month conflict, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, together with French President Francois Hollande, are headed to Ukraine to put forward a new peace initiative based on the “territorial integrity” of Ukraine before meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Friday, in hopes of coming to a peaceful agreement and ending the conflict.

US Secretary of State John Kerry is in Ukraine to show support for the government amid growing international alarm at strengthened and continuous fighting.

The diplomatic push to end this conflict comes amidst this same fear. According to Mr. Hollande at a News Conference on Thursday,  “Peace is threatened at the frontiers of Europe. There is heavy weaponry in Ukraine, artillery fire, hospitals targeted. In the space of a few months, we have moved from a dispute to a conflict and from a conflict to war. We are now in a war, a war that can be total.”


Rather than arming Ukraine, an option brought up by the United States who have accused Russia of arming rebels in eastern Ukraine and sending regular troops across the border, Mr. Hollande said there was another solution to the conflict but that that diplomacy “cannot go on indefinitely”.

The world is watching and has its fingers crossed that after Mr. Hollande and Ms. Merke’s meetings with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Thursday and Russia’s Putin in Moscow on Friday, we will see this dire situation make a turn for the better, and that the fighting will soon enough cease.